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08/05/6996* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [10/17/15] 

*Time has been set back one year to adjust for House of Yudah's membership into the UN in 1949 CE. Originally I had the time set at 1948 CE when they became a nation, but I see now that they did not put themselves under the Babylonian king?s thumb until 1949 CE. In Yirmiyah 25:12 and Daniy'Yah 9:2, YaHVeH has established a 70 year time line for the king of Babylon to be destroyed.

1 Corinthians: 13:12:  For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

I don't believe the King James Version of scriptures to be the best translation, unfortunately it was the translation I was raised up on and what most in the United States of America have been raised up on in my generation, and that is the only reason I continue to use this version. I'm trying to come from an understanding that others can relate to and, I trust, eventually come out of through increased knowledge (Daniel 12:4) we have received in these last days and correct the blasphemous names, titles and words that have been inserted into YaHVeH's written Word. I cannot speak Hebrew/Iybriy or write it, so, I have to use the resources available to me to gain academic understanding of YaHVeH's Word, and than rely on YaHVeH's Ruach to give me the Ruach/unseen/hidden understanding as I grow in the favor and knowledge of our Rabbi/Iyshiy Yahvshua/Yahvsha the Mashiyach (2 Kepha 3:18). I will use other English translation of Scripture but will also edit them to remove the blasphemous names, words and titles that have been inserted and replace them with the Iybriyiym/Ee-bree-eem with a forward slash / to give English translation or other forms of pronunciation.

Remember the "Great Tribulation"/"Ya'akob's Trouble" last 1,260 days or 42 chodeshiym (months) or 3.5 years or time and times and half a time (Dan. 7:25; Rev. 11:2-3). YaHVeH will use the ten horn Gentile Islamic Nations along with the EU/Beast to punish the disobedient children of Yisrael (Rev. 17). After this time is over the House of Yisrael and the House of Yudah will be "saved out of it".

UK/Ephrayim and USA/Menashsheh = Shepherd tribes of the House of Yisrael (ruling over and or influencing the ten tribes). The physical flesh blood remnant that remains from this house will be lead back to the Promised Land (Yeshayah/Isaiah 11; Yirmiyah 16:16) by the Body of Yahshua after the "Great Tribulation"/"Ya'akob's Trouble" is over. The majority of people in the House of Yisrael have been brought up on Christian doctrine, which is a counterfeit of the truth. It is based on Baal/Sun god religion [1 Melekiym/1 Kings 18], which has changed Yahvshua's name (Yeshayah 52:5; Yirmiyah 7:10; Hoshea 2:17; Rev. 17:3) and replaced it with a Greco, Roman Babylonian mystery religion sun idol name (Mark 7:6-9).

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The modern day "Jewish" state also referred to as "Israel" today = House of Yudah (two tribes). The physical flesh blood remnant that remains from this house will be lead back to the Promised Land (Yeshayah 11; Yirmiyah 16:16) by the Body of Yahvshua after the "Great Tribulation"/"Ya'akob's Trouble" is over. The majority of people in the House of Yudah have been brought up on traditional Judaism teaching, mixed with Talmud, Kabbalah man made traditions (Mark 7:6-9), which also denies and replaces YaHVeH's name and HIS Mashiyach Yahvshua.

The Body of Yahvshua  = Bloodline members from the House of Yisrael and Yahudah and Gentile people (no longer considered Gentile because they have come out of their pagan traditions); they will be raised from the dead if they had died before Yahvshua second coming, and those that are alive at His coming will be changed from corruptible to incorruptible. This takes place after the "Great Tribulation"/"Ya'akob's Trouble" is over, Shamayim signs are seen, then the 7th Shophar/Trumpet/Last Trump sounds. This is why the Body of Yahvshua enters into Yahvshua the Mashiyach's rest/Sabbath every year on Yom Teruah/Day of Trumpets. This time represents and rehearses the blowing of the 7th Shophar [1 Cor. 15:52; 1 Thes. 4:13-18].

08/12/6996* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [10/24/15]

Yesha`Yah/Isaiah: 1:1:  The vision of Yeshayah the ben of Amoz/Amots, which he saw concerning Yahudah and Yahvshalam in the days of Uzziy`Yah, Yahvtham/Yatham/Yotham, Achaz/Ahaz, and Yechizki`Yah/Hezekiah/Ezekiel, melekiym of Yahudah.

From Easton`s Scriptural Dictionary (edited):


(Heb. Yeshayahu, i.e., "YaHVeH saved" or "Yahu saved").

(1.) The ben of Amoz (Yeshayah 1:1; 2:1), who was apparently a man of humble rank. His wife was called the "nebiy`ah" (Yeshayah 8:3), either because she was endowed with the foretelling  gift, like Deborah (Shophetiym/Jdg. 4:4) and Huldah (2 Melekiym/Ki. 22:14-20), or simply because she was the wife of the "nabiy"(Yeshayah 38:1). He had two benniym, who bore symbolical names.

He exercised the functions of his office during the reigns of Uzziy`Yah (or Azaryah), Yahvtham, Achaz, and Yechizkiyah (Yeshayah 1:1). Uzziy`Yah reigned fifty-two years (4180 - 4232 FCA/around 800 - 748 BCE), and Yeshayah must have begun his career a few years before Uzziy`Yah`s death, probably 787 BCE. He lived till the fourteenth year of Yechizkiyah, and in all likelihood outlived that monarch (who died 4284 FCA/around 696 BCE), and might have been contemporary for some years with Menashsheh. Thus Yeshayah might have naba/foretold for the long period of at least sixty-four years.

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His first call to the nabiy office is not recorded. A second call came to him "in the year that melek Uzziy`Yah died" (Yeshayah 6:1). He exercised his ministry in an attitude of uncompromising firmness and boldness in regard to all that bore on the interests of religion. He conceals nothing and keeps nothing back from fear of man. He was also noted for his kadoshness/purity and for his deep-toned reverence toward "the kodesh One of Yisrael."

In early youth Yeshayah must have been moved by the invasion of Yisrael by the Ashshur/Assyrian monarch Pul (q.v.), 2 Melekiym/Ki 15:19; and again, twenty years later, when he had already entered on his office, by the invasion of Tiglath-pileser and his career of conquest. Achaz, melek of Yahudah, at this crisis refused to co-operate with the melek of Yisrael and Aram/Syria in opposition to Ashshur, and was on that account attacked and defeated by Rezin of Dammesek/Damascus and Pekach of Shomeron/Samaria (2 Melekiym 16:5; 2 Dibrey Ha`Yamiym/Ch 28:5-6). Achaz, thus humbled, sided with Ashshur, and sought the aid of Tiglath-pileser against Yisrael and Aram. The consequence was that Rezin and Pekach were conquered and many of the people carried captive to Ashshur (2 Melekiym 15:29; 16:9; 1 Dibrey Ha`Yamiym 5:26); soon after this Shalmaneser V determined wholly to subdue the kingdom of Yisrael. Shomeron was taken and destroyed (4261 FCA/around 719 BCE). So long as Achaz reigned, the kingdom of Yahudah was unmolested by the Ashshuriy power; but on his accession to the throne, Yechizkiyah (4265 FCA/around 715 BCE), who "rebelled against the king of Ashshur" (2 Melekiym 18:7), in which he was encouraged by Yeshayah, who exhorted the people to place all their dependence on YaHVeH (Yeshayah 10:24; 37:6), entered into an alliance with the king of Mitsrayim/Egypt (Yeshayah 30:2-4). This led the king of Ashshur to threaten the melek of Yahudah, and at length to invade the land. San-che-riyb/Sennacherib (4269 FCA/around 711 BCE) led a powerful army into Pelesheth/Palestine. Yechizkiyah was reduced to despair, and submitted to the Ashshuriym (2 Melekiym 18:14-16). But after a brief interval war broke out again, and again Sancheriyb (q.v.) led an army into Pelesheth, one detachment of which threatened Yahvshalam (Yeshayah 36:2-22;37:8). Yeshayah on that occasion encouraged Yechizkiyah to resist the Ashshuriym (Yeshayah 37:1-7), whereupon Sancheriyb sent a threatening letter to Yechizkiyah, which he "spread before YaHVeH" (Yeshayah 37:14). The judgment of Elohiym now fell on the Ashshuriym host. "Like Xerxes in Greece, Sancheriyb never recovered from the shock of the disaster in Yahudah. He made no more expeditions against either Southern Pelesheth or Mitsrayim." The remaining years of Yechizkiyah's reign were shalomful (2 Dibrey Ha`Yamiym 32:23, 27-29). Yeshayah probably lived to its close, and possibly into the reign of Menashsheh, but the time and manner of his death are unknown. There is a tradition that he suffered martyrdom in the heathen reaction in the time of Menashsheh (q.v.).

(2.) One of the heads of the singers in the time of David (1 Dibrey Ha`Yamiym 25:3, 15; ?Yeshayah?).

(3.) A Leviy (1 Dibrey Ha`Yamiym 26:25).

(4.) Ezra 8:7.

(5.) Nechemyah 11:7.

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Yesha`Yah begins to see visions from the Word of YaHVeH in the 27th year of Yarobam II`s reign over the House of Yisrael, in the year 4193 FCA/around 787 BCE, in the days of Azaryah (was also called Uzziy`Yah) melek of the House of Yahudah (See 2 Melekiym/Kings 15:1). Azaryah was anointed melek when he was sixteen years old (2 Melekiym 14:21; 4180 FCA/around 800 BCE), but did not take full reign until thirteen years later when he was 29 years old. This was two hundred and one years before the first Heykal is destroyed.

Yahvtham began to rein over the House of Yahudah in the year 4232 FCA/around 748 BCE. This was one hundred sixty two years before the first Heykal was destroyed. This was also in the 2nd year of Pekachyah`s rule over the House of Yisrael (see 2 Melekiym 15:7, 23).

Achaz began to rein over the House of Yahudah in the year 4249 FCA/around 731 BCE. This was in Pekach of the House of Yisrael's 17th year as melek (see 2 Melekiym 16:1). This was one hundred forty five years before the destruction of the first Heykal.

Yechizkiyah began to rule over the House of Yahudah in the year 4255 FCA/around 725 BCE. This was in Hoshea of the House of Yisrael's third year as melek (see 2 Melekiym 18:1). This was one hundred thirty nine years before the first Heykal was burnt down.

If you are a member of Website then you have access to the 7,000 year time line done in Microsoft Excel format, which can help you keep these dates and the flow of the scriptures in order.

08/19/6996* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [10/31/15]

Yeshayah: 1:2: Hear, O Shamayim, and give ear, O earth/erets: for YaHVeH has spoken, I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against ME.

Yeshayah: 1:3: The ox knows his owner and the ass his master's stall: but Yisrael does not know, MY people does not consider.

Yeshayah: 1:4: Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupter's: they have forsaken YaHVeH, they have provoked the Kadosh of Yisrael to anger, they are gone away backward.

Yeshayah: 1:5: Why should you all be stricken any more? You will revolt more and more: the entire head is sick, and the entire heart faint.

Yeshayah: 1:6: From the sole of the foot even to the head there is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrefying sores: they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment.

Yeshayah: 1:7: Your country is desolate; your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.

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Notice verse 7 and its parallel to the USA today. The US is being overflowed with illegal immigrants due to the governmental social welfare incentives it provides to them because the Democrats/Demo-rats want votes and the Republicans/Republic-scams/RINO's want cheap labor. All motivated by disobedience to YaHVeH's Torah to love and worship of HIM first, and love your neighbor second. The first half of the Ten Commandments instruct on all to love YaHVeH and the second half instructs on all to love your neighbor.

People today have forgotten what and nation is. A nation is a family that has grown large because of hundreds if not thousands of years of existence. So the governmental structure of a nation is set up to protect its family and this is where Babel/Babylon/Globalist comes in. They through the motivation of the spirit of this world (we know as Satan; Eph. 2:2) wants to destroy those boundaries (T`hiyliym/Psalm 74:17; Acts 17:26) and the thought that a nation is even related to a family unit, so they can destroy the instinctive desire to protect your own family.  

{Dabariym/Deuteronomy: 28:15:  But it shall come to pass, if you will not listen to the Voice of YaHVeH your Elohiym, to observe to do all HIS commandments and HIS statutes which I command you this day; that all these curses shall come on you, and overtake you:

Dabariym: 28:43: The stranger that is within you shall get up above you very high; and you shall come down very low?}


The stranger that sojourners with Yisrael are the ones in agreement with Yisrael and are grafted in (Roman 11); the strangers Dabariym 28:43 is speaking about are those that have come in by those leaders of disobedient Yisrael, who agrees with the strangers disobedience of Idolatry, and eventually these strangers work their way into the corrupt political system and begin to use that system against its own people; and in the end the stranger makes himself ruler over the people to oppress them. Remember melek Shelomoh and marrying all those foreign wives. He did this for political reasons, look what happen to him (1 Melekiym/Kings 11).

Remember what Yahvshua said:

{Mattith`Yah/Matthew: 10:34: Think not that I am come to send shalom on earth: I came not to send shalom, but a sword.

Mattith`Yah: 10:35: For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

Mattith`Yah: 10:36: And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.}

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Now it is not that Yahvshua is going around stirring up strife in families intentionally (Mishley/Proverbs 6:16 ? 19); it?s because He is the truth and He speaks the truth and He teaches the truth (Yahn/Yohn 14:6; 2 Thes. 2:10) that causes those that don?t love the truth to become estranged and led astray by the spirit of this world (Eph. 2:2). The truth (T'hiyliym/Psalm 119:142) is found in YaHVeH's written kodesh scriptures.

08/26/6996* 7th day of the week/Shabbat [11/07/15]

Yeshayah: 1:8:  And the daughter of Ziyon is left as a cottage in a vineyard, as a lodge in a garden of cucumbers, as a besieged city.


To understand what verse 8 is saying, here is a satellite view of the wall being built around the Land of Yahudah:


Yeshayah: 1:9: Except YaHVeH of hosts had left to us a very small remnant, we should have been as Sedom, and we should have been like to Amorah.

Yeshayah: 1:10:  Hear the Word of YaHVeH, you rulers of Sedom; give ear to the Torah of our Elohiym, you people of Amorah.


Notice that the modern day inhabitants of the Land of Yahudah are like the sinful cities of Sedom and Amorah. What this means is that the people have become so violent and sexually promiscuous that there is no difference in what they are doing and what Sedom and Amorah were doing.

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Yeshayah: 1:11:  To what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices to ME? Said YaHVeH; I am full of the burnt offerings of rams and the fat of fed beasts; and I delight not in the blood of bullocks, or of lambs, or of he goats.


Animal sacrifice cannot satisfy EL SHADDAI`s desire for us to be obedient in our behavior of worship towards HIM and how we treat each other.

Yeshayah: 1:12: When you all come to appear before ME, who has required this at your hand, to tread MY courts?

Yeshayah: 1:13: Bring no more vain oblations; incense is an abomination to ME; the new moons/Chodesh and Shabbathoth, the calling of assemblies, I cannot bear with iniquity in the assembly.

Yeshayah: 1:14:  Your chodesh and your appointed feasts MY life hates: they are a trouble to ME; I am weary to bear them.


Some if not most in Christianity will try and twist what verse 14 is saying and say; ?see even Isaiah: 1:14: says that god has done away with the Sabbaths and Appointed times.?

But that?s not what the verse is saying at all!

The House of Yisrael and eventually the House of Yahudah were disobedient in observing YaHVeH's Torah, HIS Shabbathoth and Appointed times and they began keeping the times of the pagan nations surrounding them (Shophetiym/Judges 2:20 ? 23). Even though Daniy`Yah wrote about this around two hundred fifty two years later in Daniel 7:25, the same spirit of the world was and is still in existence at that time. Satan/Paganism is a system that worships the creation/the flesh/material (Romans 1:25; Gal. 5; Ya?akob/James 3:14 ? 16) and bases some of its wisdom on observing the wild predator animals hence the wild beast of Daniel chapter 7. The pagan kings ruling these beast governments (which are the same governments of Daniel chapter 2) demanded that their demon idols be worshiped (1 Cor. 10:20) and the appointed times on their demonic calendar be kept. That?s why Satan always motivates the kings of these beast governments to go after YaHVeH?s Shabbathoth and Appointed Times. So verse 14 is talking about the man made Satan motivated times and months that the children of Yisrael were observing, which are pagan demonic appointed times. The Gregorian (Roman Catholic design) calendar that the entire world observes today is a pagan demonic based on witchcraft and worship of the sun, moon and stars system.

Yeshayah: 1:15:  And when you all spread forth your hands, I will hide MY Eyes from you: yes, when you all make many prayers, I will not hear: your hands are full of blood.

Yeshayah: 1:16:  Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil of your doings from before MY Eyes; cease to do evil;

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Yeshayah: 1:17: Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, and plead for the widow.

Yeshayah: 1:18:  Come now, and let us reason together, said YaHVeH : though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.


This is in reference to the children of Yisrael idolatry. Instead of the trappings of the Leviy kohen office:



The pagan priest wear the garments of their demonic worship. Notice the garments that the Roman Catholic Priest wear in this picture:

Notice the red like crimson colors of their pagan garb.

Notice the Iybriy word in E-sword Strong's Concordance for "scarlet", "red" and "crimson":





Of uncertain derivation; crimson, properly the insect or its color, also stuff dyed with it: - crimson, scarlet (thread).

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To show blood (in the face), that is, flush or turn rosy: - be (dyed, made) red (ruddy).


?????    ??????    ??????    ?????

tola'  tole'ah  tola'ath  tola'ath

to-law', to-lay-aw', (3,4) to-lah'-ath

From H3216; a maggot (as voracious); specifically (often with ellipsis of H8144) the crimson grub, but used only (in this connection) of the color from it, and cloths dyed therewith: - crimson, scarlet, worm.

Yeshayah: 1:19:  If you all be willing and obedient, you shall eat the best of the land:

Yeshayah: 1:20:  But if you all refuse and rebel, you shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of ???? has spoken it.


For verse 20 refer to Zecharyah 6 and Revelation 6.

Yeshayah: 1:21:  How is the trustful city become a harlot! It was full of judgment; righteousness lodged in it; but now murderers.


Refer to Revelation chapter 17. If you visit Yahvshalam today you?ll see all the idolatrous temples/churches and mosques built in and around the city of Yahvshalam. I?m not saying ?Judaism? is not just as idolatrous; according to the scriptures the House of Yudah did worst in idolatry then her sister Yisrael:

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{Yirmiyah: 3:11: And YaHVeH said to me, the backsliding Yisrael has justified herself more than treacherous Yahudah.}

Read all of Yirmiyah 3. Also see commentary written on the Book of Yirmiyah:

Yirmiyah Commentary

Yeshayah: 1:22:  Your silver is become dross, your wine mixed with water:

Yeshayah: 1:23:  Your princes are rebellious, and companions of thieves: every one loves bribes, and follows after rewards: they judge not the fatherless; neither does the cause of the widow come to them.


Verse 23 cannot be truer then what is happening in the USA government today. It is so obvious that the politicians are on the take. All their decisions are made according to money and economy and not on righteousness, compassion, truth and in taking care of its own people and not providing social incentives (because one political party wants votes and the other wants cheap labor) for these millions of illegal immigrants to come into the land.

Of course these verses are speaking primarily to those, who are ruling in Yahvshalam today; but, sense Christians (counterfeit of the truth) and Yudiym that practice Judaism (counterfeit of the truth) claim that their beliefs are founded on the scriptures, the Rab YaHVeH is also talking to those wherever they have been scattered in the world and are in positions of authority in man made governments today (Luke 4:5 ? 8) as well.

09/11/6996* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [11/21/15]

Yeshayah: 1:24:  Therefore said the Rab, YaHVeH of hosts, the MIGHTY ONE of Yisrael, Ah, I will ease ME of MY adversaries, and avenge ME of MY enemies:

Yeshayah:  1:25:  And I will turn MY Hand on you, and purely purge away your dross, and take away all your tin:

Yeshayah: 1:26:  And I will restore your judges as at the first, and your counselors as at the beginning: afterward you shall be called, the city of righteousness/zedek, the trustful city.

Yeshayah: 1:27:  Ziyon shall be redeemed with judgment, and her converts with righteousness/zed-a-kah.

Yeshayah: 1:28:  And the destruction of the transgressors and of the sinners shall be together, and they that forsake YaHVeH shall be consumed.

Yeshayah: 1:29:  For they shall be ashamed of the oaks/ayil which you all have desired, and you all shall be confounded for the gardens/gannah that you have chosen.

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E-sword Strong?s Concordance the Iybriy word used for ?oak? is:





Page 11

From the same as H193; properly strength; hence anything strong; specifically a chief (politically); also a ram (from his strength); a pilaster (as a strong support); an oak or other strong tree: - mighty (man), lintel, oak, post, ram, tree.

From Jamieson Fausset Brown Commentary Vol. II, page 570 it says:

Others have translated (Eelim) elms; or else the terebinth or turpentine trees. Groves were dedicated to idols. Our Druids took their name from the Greek for oaks. A sacred tree is often found in Assyrian sculpture: the symbol of the starry hosts, Saba. Hence the LXX, Syriac, and Arabic translate, ?the idols.?

E-sword Strong?s Concordance the Iybriy word used for ?garden? is:





Feminine of H1588; a garden: - garden.





From H1598; a garden (as fenced): - garden.





A primitive root; to hedge about, that is, (generally) protect: - defend.

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From Jamieson Fausset Brown Commentary Vol. II, page 570 it says:

Planted enclosures for idolatry; the awful counterpart of the Garden of Eden.


So you see, the entire world governmental system, no matter what nation in the world, is structured by Satan?s deception and counterfeit:

{Luke: 4:5:  And the devil, taking Him up into a high mountain, showed to Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.

Luke: 4:6:  And the devil said to Him, All this power will I give You and the splendor of them: for that is delivered to me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.

Luke: 4:7:  If you therefore will worship me, all shall be Yours.

Luke 4:8:  And Yahshua answered and said to him, Get you behind me, Satan: for it is written, you shall worship YaHVeH your Rab, and HIM only shall you serve.}

Do you understand? For this period of time of this evil age YaHVeH has allowed Satan to set up his wicked system on this earth. Yahshua ha`Mashiyach now has been crowned as Melek of melekiym and Rab of Rabbiym of this earth and will soon be returning to remove  the ?god? and king of this world off his throne!

Yeshayah:  1:30:  For you all shall be as an ayil whose leaf fades, and as a garden that has no water.

Yeshayah:  1:31:  And the strong shall be as ne`oreth/flammable refuse, and the maker of it as a spark, and they shall both burn together, and none shall quench them.


In verse 31 the KJV uses the word ?tow? to describe what the ?the strong shall be?, but unless your familiar with old English you don?t know what the heck it?s talking about.

E-sword Strong?s Concordance the Iybriy word used for ?tow? is:





From H5287; something shaken out, that is, tow (as the refuse of flax): - tow.

Page 13


flax (n.)

Old English fleax "flax plant; cloth made with flax, linen," from Proto-Germanic *flakhsan (cognates: Old Frisian flax, Middle Dutch and Dutch vlas, Old Saxon flas, Old High German flahs, German Flachs), probably from Proto-Germanic base *fleh- "to plait," corresponding to PIE *plek- "to weave, to plait" (see ply (v.1)). But some connect it with PIE *pleik- (see flay) from the notion of "stripping" fiber to prepare it.

lint (n.)

late 14c., "flax prepared for spinning," also "refuse of flax used as kindling," somehow from the source of Old English lin "flax" (see linen), perhaps from or by influence of Middle French linette "grain of flax," diminutive of lin "flax," from Latin linum "flax, linen;" Klein suggests from Latin linteum "linen cloth," neuter of adjective linteus. Later "flax refuse used as tinder or for dressing wounds" (c. 1400). Still used for "flax" in Scotland in Burns' time. Applied in American English to stray cotton fluff.

09/18/6996* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [11/28/15] 

Yeshayah: 2:1:  The word that Yeshayah the ben of Amoz saw concerning Yahudah and Yahvshalayim.

Yeshayah: 2:2:  And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of ???? house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow to it.

Yeshayah: 2:3: And many people shall go and say, Come you all, and let us go up to the mountain of ????, to the house of the Elohiym of Ya`akob; and HE will teach us of HIS ways, and we will walk in HIS paths: for out of Ziyon shall go forth the Torah, and the Word of ???? from Yahvsham.

Yeshayah: 2:4:  And He shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation; neither shall they learn war any more.

Yeshayah: 2:5:  O house of Ya`akob, come you all, and let us walk in the light of ????.


Of course verses 1 ? 5 will not take place until ????????/Yahshua ha`Mashiyach returns in the clouds. Notice verse 3; instead of calling the city of Yahvshalam by that name, I called it by the name it will be called when Yahshua establishes His reign in it. Yahvshalam means YaHVeH will restore. Yahvsham is taken from Yechizki`Yah 48:35:

Page 14

{Yechizki`Yah: 48:35:  It was round about eighteen thousand measures: and the name of the city from that day shall be, ???? is there.

Yechizki`Yah: 48:35:  It was round aboutH5439 eighteenH8083 H6240 thousandH505 measures: and the nameH8034 of the cityH5892 from that dayH4480 H3117 shall be, ???? H3068 is there.H8033

From E-Sword Iybriy Strong`s Concordance:





A primitive root; to be safe (in mind, body or estate); figuratively to be (causatively make) completed; by implication to be friendly; by extension to reciprocate (in various applications): - make amends, (make an) end, finish, full, give again, make good, (re-) pay (again), (make) (to) (be at) peace (-able), that is perfect, perform, (make) prosper (-ous), recompense, render, requite, make restitution, restore, reward, X surely.





A primitive particle (rather from the relative H834); there (transferred to time) then; often thither, or thence: - in it, + thence, there (-in, + of, + out), + thither, + whither.}

Yeshayah: 2:6: Therefore YOU have forsaken YOUR people the house of Ya`akob, because they are replenished from the east, and are soothsayers/anan like the Pelishtiy, and they please themselves in the children of strangers.

From James-Fausset-Brown Commentary Volume II, page 571 (edited):

??they be replenished from the east?? ? rather, filled; viz., with the superstitions of the East, Syria and Chaldea.

??and are soothsayers?? ? forbidden, Dabariym/Deut. 18:10-14.

Page 15

From E-Sword Strong?s Concordance the Iybriy world for ?soothsayers? is:





A primitive root; to cover; used only as denominative from H6051, to cloud over; figuratively to act covertly, that is, practice magic: -  X bring, enchanter, Meonemin, observe (-r of) times, soothsayer, sorcerer.


Also notice the book of Revelation/Raz Galah/Secrets Revealed:

{Revelation/Raz Galah/Secrets Revealed: 22:14:  BarukG3107 are they that doG4160 HISG848 commandments,G1785 thatG2443 theyG846 haveG2071 rightG1849 toG1909 theG3588 treeG3586 of life,G2222 andG2532 enter inG1525 through theG3588 gatesG4440 intoG1519 theG3588 city.G4172

Revelation: 22:15:  ForG1161 withoutG1854 are dogs,G2965 andG2532 sorcerers,G5333 andG2532 whoremongers,G4205 andG2532 murderers,G5406 andG2532 idolaters,G1496 andG2532 whosoeverG3956 lovesG5368 andG2532 makesG4160 a lie.G5579 }

From E-Sword Strong?s Concordance the Greek word for sorcerers is:





The same as G5332: - sorcerer.





From ????????? pharmakon (a drug, that is, spell giving potion); a druggist (?pharmacist?) or poisoner, that is, (by extension) a magician: - sorcerer.

Page 16

It is from this Greek word that our English word ?pharmacy? comes from. Now are the drugs that this description is referring to, drugs for healing wounds or is this description speaking about drugs that alter your state of mind? It is clear; it is speaking about mind altering drugs. At the time when Yahshua the Messiyah walked on the earth in the flesh, the main anointing medication that was used when treating flesh wounds was olive oil and fermented wine; and I know there were herbal plant based medications being used at the time (Yechizkiyah 47:12), that we are today going back to because the Medical Industrial Complex has gotten so far away from these types of healing medications, we are finding out that these modern day artificially synthesize chemicals are causing most of our health problems themselves.

Here is a short list of psychotropic legally prescribed drugs (they shouldn?t be) that are used to alter your state of mind:

Abilify - antipsychotic used to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and agitation

BuSpar - an anti -anxiety medication

Clozaril - an atypical antipsychotic (Clozapine)

Dexedrine - dextroamphetamine sulfate, used to treat severe ADHD and Narcolepsy.

Eskalith - a salt of Lithium, which is a mood stabilizer used to prevent bipolar disorder.

Fluoxetine - (Prozac) is an SSRI drug used to treat major depressive disorder, bulimia nervosa (an eating disorder) obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

You can go to Wikipedia and see where I obtained this information:

List of psychotropic sorcery

The medications listed above are made in a laboratory, the ancients where using plants like coca/cocaine, marijuana, mushrooms, peyote?etc. So you see there really is nothing new under the sun, other than the increased knowledge man obtains on how to make these drugs even more potent.

Most of this experimentation in the Medical field is motivated by the Military Industrial Complex (Zecharyah 6 the chariot with red horses and chariot with grisled and bay horses; Dabariym 17:15-16). See article 61) Zecharyah chapters 5 & 6. Don?t forget the experimentation the CIA was doing with LSD in the 60`s. You can see video?s also on the web site documenting what the governments has done against YaHVeH`s Torah/Law: Declassified Human Experimentation

and  CIA, FBI, NSA Secret Covert Psychological Experiments - MK Ultra, New Phoenix, ELF Waves ...etc.

Page 17

09/25/6996* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [12/05/15]

Yeshayah: 2:7:  Their land also is full of silver and gold, neither is there any end of their treasures; their land is also full of horses, neither is there any end of their chariots:


It was the USA (B?reshiyth/Genesis 49:22 ? 26) in times passed that held this position of having the most automobiles/chariots (for vehicles up until 1995 List of Countries Vehicle Production), and as far as silver, gold and treasures, no doubt the USA after W.W. II held a lot of these possessions, but because her time has run out due to disobedience (Shemoth/Exodus 20:5 notice until the 3rd and 4th generation) to YaHVeH?s commandments the curses have taken over and this material abundance is greatly declining (V`yakra 26; Dabariym 28).

Yeshayah: 2:8:  Their land also is full of idols; they worship the work of their own hands, that which their own fingers have made:


Understand when the Word of YaHVeH had Yeshayah write these things down, it was in parable form (T?hiyliym 78:2; Yechizkiyah 17:2; Mat. 13:34) and had a fulfillment in the Nabiy`s time and the end time. Yoseph and his two benniym Ephrayim and Menashsheh were to receive the material abundance of the earth in the ?last days? (B?reshiyth 49:1).  No other nations fit this description in these ?last days? like the UK/Ephrayim and USA/Menashsheh, on top of the fact that these two nations claim they worship the Elohiym of Yisrael through their Christian beliefs, just as disobedient ancient children of Yisrael did in Eliyah`s day (1 Melekiym/Kings 18). You can read more about this subject by going to website and reading article:

The UK And USA Are The Shepherd Tribes

You can go to Washington D.C. and just look around this city and see all the idolatrous images and things that it has invented and made with their own hands and worship also at the Smithsonian Museum. Now I?m not saying all man made inventions are evil, the key here are you worshiping it? 

Page 18

Yeshayah:  2:9:  And adam/man bows down, and iysh/man humbles himself: therefore forgive them not.


In verse 9 the KJV adds some words to the verse that really don?t belong; those two words are ?mean? and ?great?. The verse as it is written in the KJV appears like this:

{Isa 2:9 And the mean manH120 boweth down,H7817 and the great manH376 humblethH8213 himself: therefore forgiveH5375 them not.H408 }

Yeshayah: 2:10:  Enter into the rock, and hide you in the dust, for fear of YaHVeH, and for the splendor/hadar of HIS majesty/ga`on.

Yeshayah: 2:11:  The lofty looks of man shall be humbled, and the haughtiness of men shall be bowed down, and YaHVeH alone shall be exalted in that day.

Yeshayah: 2:12:  For the day of YaHVeH of hosts shall be upon every one that is proud and lofty, and upon every one that is lifted up; and he shall be brought low:

Yeshayah: 2:13:  And upon all the cedars/erez of Lebanon, that are high and lifted up, and upon all the oaks/allon of Bashan,

From Easton?s Scriptural Dictionary (edited):

Topic: Lebanon

White, ?the white mountain of Aram/Syria,? is the loftiest and most celebrated mountain range in Syria. It is a branch running southward from the Caucasus, and at its lower end forking into two parallel ranges, the eastern or Anti-Lebanon, and the western or Lebanon proper. They enclose a long valley (Yahshua 11:17) of from 5 to 8 miles in width, called by Roman writers Coele-Syria, now called el-Buka'a, ?the valley,? a prolongation of the valley of the Yarden/Jordan.

Lebanon proper, Yebel es-Sharki, commences at its southern extremity in the gorge of the Leontes, the ancient Litany, and extends north-east, parallel to the Mediterranean coast, as far as the river Eleutherus, at the plain of Emesa, ?the entering of Hamath? (B`midbar/Num 34:8; 1 Melekiym 8:65), in all about 90 geographical miles in extent. The average height of this range is from 6,000 to 8,000 feet; the peak of Yebel Mukhmel is about 10,200 feet, and the Sannin about 9,000. The highest peaks are covered with perpetual snow and ice. In the recesses of the range wild beasts as of old still abound (2 Melekiym 14:9; Shiyr Ha`Shiyriym/Song of Songs 4:8). The scenes of the Lebanon are remarkable for their grandeur and beauty, and supplied the sacred writers with many expressive similes (T`hiyliym 29:5-6; 72:16; 104:16-18; Shiyr Ha`Shiyriym 4:15; Yeshayah 2:13; 35:2; 60:13; Hoshea 14:5). It is famous for its cedars (Shiyr Ha`Shiyriym 5:15), its wines (Hoshea 14:7), and its cool waters (Yirmiyah 18:14). The ancient inhabitants were Gibliy/Giblites and Chivviy/Hivites (Yahshua 13:5; Shophetiym/Jdg 3:3). It was part of the Phoenician kingdom (1 Melekiym 5:2-6).

Page 19

The eastern range, or Anti-Lebanon, or ?Lebanon towards the sun rising,? runs nearly parallel with the western from the plain of Emesa till it connects with the hills of Galiylah/Galilee in the south. The height of this range is about 5,000 feet. Its highest peak is Hermon (q.v.), from which a number of lesser ranges radiate.

Lebanon is first mentioned in the description of the boundary of Pelesheth/Palestine (Dabariym/Deut. 1:7; 11:24). It was assigned to Yisrael, but was never conquered (Yahshua 13:2-6; Shophetiym 3:1-3).

The Lebanon range is now inhabited by a population of about 300,000 Christians, Maronites, and Druses, and is ruled by a Christian governor. The Anti-Lebanon is inhabited by Mohammedans, and is under a Turkish ruler.


Of course verse 10 through 13 is speaking when the 7th Seal opened, 7th Shophar/Trumpet blown and 3rd Woe takes place (Rev. 7; 8:1; 10), which takes place after the punishment/?Ya`akob`s Trouble?/?Great Tribulation? of the children of Yisrael is over, which takes place in the 5th seal, 5th shophar 1st Woe and 6th seal, 6th shophar 2nd Woe (Rev. 6:9 ? 17; 9).

Also notice verse 13 the Word of YaHVeH is referring to leaders and strong men as "cedars" and "oaks", just as the Word of  YaHVeH is referred to as the "Tree of Life" in B`reshiyth 2:9 and Satan is referred to as "the tree of knowledge of wealth and evil."

10/02/6996* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [12/12/15]

Yeshayah: 2:14:  And on all the high mountains, and upon all the hills that are lifted up,

Yeshayah: 2:15:  And on every high tower, and upon every fenced wall,

Yeshayah: 2:16:  And on all the ships of Tarshiysh, and upon all pleasant pictures.


Read Yirmiyah commentary page 88 on website for a description of Tarshiysh, here is the link: Yirmiyah Commentary Part 1

Yeshayah: 2:17:  And the loftiness of man shall be bowed down, and the haughtiness of men shall be made low: and YaHVeH alone shall be exalted in that day.


In what day will YaHVeH be exalted alone? Of course when the 7th Shophar/?Last Trump? is blown; see Revelation chapters 10; 15; 16; 19 and 1 Corinthians 15:52; 1 Thessalonians 4:16 just to name a few places in scripture to look. See pages 173,189, 213, 254, 272, 274, 283, 285 of Yirmiyah commentary:

Page 20

Yirmiyah Commentary Part 1

Yirmiyah Commentary Part 2

Yeshayah: 2:18:  And the idols HE shall utterly abolish.


This is an amazing statement. A lot of flesh and blood people left alive on this earth after YaHVeH's  wrath is over are going to be totally surprised by all the idols that YaHVeH's Right Hand will eliminate, and I'm sure there will be some I will be surprised about myself (not unless when we are raised from the dead and changed in a twinkling of the eye from flesh and blood to ruach, that YaHVeH downloads all the information we will need to know before HE does it). I think a lot people when they hear the word idol they think of some type of religious idol, but I believe this verse is also talking about inventions that man has developed under the influence of Satan, especially those inventions that have no morals or consideration of what YaHVeH's Kodesh Words/Scriptures says and can totally destroy all life on earth and earth itself.

You need to hear this interview about DARPA:

DARPA Out of Control

Yeshayah: 2:19: And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of YaHVeH, and for the splendor of HIS majesty, when HE arises to shake terribly the earth.


I can think of a few places right now off the top of my head that are designed for this very time; those places are Cheyenne Mountain/NORAD, places under Washington D.C.,  in Greenbrier West Virginia just to name a few. Nations all over the world have these types of places; because the Satan influenced self serving leaders of today (not all but most) think that they are more important than so called ?common people? (V`yakra/Leviticus 19:15; Ya`akob/James 2).

Notice at the end of verse 19 the worst earthquake that has ever occurred on the earth will take place signifying Yahshua Ha`Mashiyach`s return in the clouds.

{Revelation/Raz Galah/Secrets Revealed: 16:18:  And there were voices, and thunders, and lightning?s; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were on the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.}

Page 21

Yeshayah: 2:20:  In that day a man shall cast his idols of silver, and his idols of gold, which they made each one to worship, to the moles and to the bats;

{Yechizkiyah/Ezekiel:  7:19:  They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of  YaHVeH: they shall not satisfy their lives, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumbling block of their iniquity.}

Yeshayah: 2:21:  To go into the clefts of the rocks, and into the tops of the ragged rocks, for fear of  YaHVeH, and for the splendor of HIS majesty, when HE arises to shake terribly the earth.

Yeshayah: 2:22:  Cease from man/adam, whose breathe is in his nostrils: for why is he regarded?

10/16/6996* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [12/26/15]


Verse 22 I?ve had to really think about what it is saying and looked into another translation of scriptures to try and gain a better understanding of its meaning. I believe the easiest way to understand it is to consider this verse in Yirmiyah 17:

{Yirmiyah/Jeremiah: 17:5:  Thus said YaHVeH; Cursed is the man that trusts in man,  and makes flesh his arm, and whose heart departs from YaHVeH. }

Just as Satan has deceived himself into thinking that he is some great being deserving worship (Yeshayah 14; Yechizki`Yah 28; Rev. 12) like YaHVeH ALMIGHTY deserves, he has deceived mankind into thinking he deserves worship and praise; hence the statue of Daniy`Yah/Daniel chapter 2 and why the emissary Shaul said what he said in 2 Thessalonians/Tas`lonikim 2:3-4.

Yeshayah: 3:1:  For, observe, the Rabbi, YaHVeH of hosts, does take away from Yahvshalam and from Yahudah the sustenance and the staff, the entire sustenance of bread, and the whole sustenance of water,

Yeshayah: 3:2:  The mighty man/gibbor, and the man/iysh of war/milchamah, the judge/shaphat, and the foreteller/nabiy, and the soothsayer/kasam, and the ancient/zaken,

Yeshayah: 3:3:  The captain/sar of fifty, and the exalted/nasah face/paniym, and the counselor/ya`ats, and the cunning/chakam craftsman/charash, and the eloquent/biyn orator/lachash.


In verse 3 you'll notice I've underlined "exalted face"; the original KJV said "honorable man" but I believe by being worded that way it misleads you away from its correct meaning. Why would YaHVeH take away the "honorable man"? Why would HE punish an honorable man in this way? No, I believe the person the ALMIGHTY is taking away is the man that has an "exalted face"/proud look/haughty attitude. What do the scriptures say about such a person?

Page 22


{Mishley/Proverbs: 6:16:  These six things does YaHVeH hate: yes, seven are an abomination to HIM:

Mishley: 6:17:  A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

Mishley:  6:18:  A heart that devises wicked imaginations, feet that are swift in running to mischief,

Mishley: 6:19:  A false witness that speaks lies, and he that sows discord among brethren.

When people have pride in themselves and not YaHVeH their face projects a certain look.

Mishley: 16:18:  Pride goes before destruction and a haughty attitude before a fall.}

You hear it all the time in the USA; "I'm proud to be an American", "You need to take pride in yourself", "We need to make this country proud again"...etc. Pride is never a positive thing a person can take in himself or attribute to others. Like, "I'm so proud of my son", "you need to take pride in your work"...etc. The humble Yah fearing way to look at these things is, "I'm pleased with my ben", "I'm pleased with the work that has been done"...etc. Pride is a destructive force in society and will eventually destroy a nation.

10/30/6996* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [01/09/16]

Yeshayah: 3:4:  And I will give children/na`ar to be their princes/sariym, and babes/ta`alul/tyrants shall rule over them.

From E-sword Strong?s Concordance the Iybriy word "ta`alul" is defined as:





From H5953; caprice (as a fit coming on), that is, vexation; concretely a tyrant: - babe, delusion.

Page 23


Have you ever seen an unruly spoiled child throw a temper tantrum? I can think of case right now that is happening in the USA concerning a teenage 16 year old boy, who killed four pedestrians with his car while he was driving drunk, and because he had a lot of money and a lawyer that was willing to use a foolish defense of "affluenza" (which if you look up in a dictionary is not a word but will now probably be one because the so called unrighteous "officials" will say so), he did not have to serve any time in jail but was put on probation and was not suppose to be drinking alcohol, but was caught on video playing beer pong with friends; his irresponsible, "I just want to be his friends" enabling mother runs off with him to Mexico and now she is in trouble with the authorities for helping her fugitive ben! How insane and far this Nation has drifted from the foundational truths that all nations must be built on, and that is YaHVeH's Word!

The better description I think would be tyrants and not babes. When I imagine a babe in my mind it conjurers up a totally different person, but when you say tyrant you know exactly the type of evil person it is referring too.  

Yeshayah: 3:5:  And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbor: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient/zaken/elderly, and the base/kalah/vile against the respectable/kabed.


Verse 5 is so true today. People in your own neighborhood will not even say hello or even give a friendly wave back to you, children that don?t give a second thought about disrespecting and talking back to their elders, it?s so common today. Check out this video and watch these young boys mouth off with some of the foulest language to these older men and the mob through rocks and bottles:

American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, MI (Original edit)

Yeshayah: 3:6:  When a man shall take hold of his brother of the house of his father, saying, you have clothing you be our ruler, and let this ruin be under your hand:


What kind of non-sense is this? The situation is so bad in the House of Yisrael (shepherd tribe USA) that their willing to put a man in charge just because he has clothing. Or is it so the man can be manipulated?

The word "hold" is transliterated from this Iybriy word:

Page 24





A primitive root; to manipulate, that is, seize; chiefly to capture, wield; specifically to overlay; figuratively to use unwarrantably: - catch, handle, (lay, take) hold (on, over), stop, X surely, surprise, take.

And it does mean to "manipulate".

From Jamieson Fausset Brown Commentary Volume II, page 573 it says:

"Such will be the want of men of wealth and ability, that they will ?take hold of? (ch. 4:1) the first man whom they meet, having any property, to make him "ruler."

You have clothing -- which none of us has. Changes of raiment are wealth in the East (2 Melekiym/Kings 5:5).

And (let) this ruin (be) under your hand -- let our ruined affairs be committed to you to retrieve."

11/07/6996* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [01/16/16]

Yeshayah: 3:7:  In that day shall he swear, saying, I will not be a healer; for in my house is neither bread nor clothing: make me not a ruler of the people.


Of course these events are speaking about the mood of the people during the time of Ya`akob`s Trouble/Great Tribulation/World War III, which the world will be going into very soon.

In verse 7 the man the people are trying to force into being ruler has enough sense to know that there is no way he can solve the problems of his nation, and tries everything he can to get out of this position. Do you see that today? People are so diluted and have no clue of what time this world is in that you have men, who are running for Presidential Office of the USA and think they can resolve the major issues of this country! No, it going to take a Super Iysh/Human/Man/Adam to intervene and stop this madness that mankind is in! That Iysh/Adam is Yahshua Ben YaHVeH!

Yeshayah: 3:8: For Yahvshalam is ruined, and Yudah is fallen: because their tongue and their doings are against YaHVeH, to change the appearance of HIS Splendor.


Page 25


The KJV in verse 8 last few words read originally "to provoke the eye of his glory." It just makes no sense to me when you read it that way. So you have to ask the question what is going on right now in Yahvshalam and what are the disobedient rulers of the House of Yudah/"Jewish Nations" doing to change the appearance of Yahvshalam? Well, they have made it look like a Greco-Roman Babylonian city to a certain extent. With all the statues of men (Shemoth 20:4; Daniel 2), temples Christianity constructs (temples Hoshea 8:14 House of Yisrael is steeped in Christian Baal doctrine), the walls the House of Yudah has built (fenced cities/walled cities Hoshea 8:14 Judaism continues to deny Yahshua as the Mashiyach), and Islam (Rev. 17:16 the Beast with ten horns; Yishmael and Esau?s children); the governing foundation of the government is based on Gentile image of the Roman Beast system, more than the foundation of YaHVeH`s Torah. What was the primary reason for the Maccabees revolting against Antiochus Epiphanes IV? He was trying to Hellenize the people and destroy YaHVeH`s Torah. That?s what Daniel chapters 11 and 12 are foretelling about. Beginning with the Maccabees, then too Yahshua Mashiyach?s day until our modern times!   

Yeshayah: 3:9:  The show of their countenance does witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sedom, they hide it not. Woe to their life! For they have rewarded evil to themselves.

Yeshayah: 3:10:  Say you all to the righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.


Notice verse 10. Yes, it is possible for a person to be righteous, but that is not what Christianity teaches. They always misquote this verse:

{T`hiyliym/Psalms: 14:3:  They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that does well, no, not one.}

You have to take this verse in contest with what happen to ancient Yisrael. The House of Yisrael was punished and went into captivity first, then the House of Yudah. The ?all? the verse is speaking about are the disobedient leaders and the people who followed them. The verse is not talking about the ancient Nebiyiym/Foretellers, the ones who delivered the message, or the people you don?t read about in the scriptures who did not disobey. Remember the parable that Yahshua ha`Mashiyach told about the ?Prodigal Ben?? Remember the brother of the ?Prodigal Ben?? He did not disobey! He was righteous, but the obedient brother didn?t boast in his righteousness, he knew it would be foolish to do so (Luke 15:25 ? 32).

11/14/6996* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [01/14/16]

 Yeshayah: 3:11:  Woe to the wicked! it shall be ill with him: for the reward of his hands shall be given him.

Yeshayah: 3:12:  As for MY people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O MY people, they which lead you causes you to err, and destroy the way of your paths.


In verse twelve ?children are their oppressors?; how can this be? Well, let?s look at the USA and most of the western world today. There have been cases in the UK and USA that children have gotten their parents in trouble because the parents punished them or could not get their children to obey them or the children have abused their parents:

Children who abuse their parents

Teenagers increasingly assaulting abusing their parents

Rise in parents terrorised by their children

What kind of parent calls the police on their child

Nanny police state parents calling cops supervise spanking children

Continuation on verse twelve 11/21/6996* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [01/30/16]

11/28/6996* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [02/06/16]

12/06/6996* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [02/13/16]


?Yeshayah: 3:12:  As for MY people? and women rule over them?? I think this is pretty obvious today in the USA and the Western world; I know this is a sensitive subject especially for women and some men in the ministry of the Body of Yahshua run from even speaking about it, but it has to be spoken about in light of this scripture! Yes, and I agree man in general has abused and misused the authority that YaHVeH has given us over the woman and family, and in some religious sects they are treated as 2nd and 3rd class citizens, and because of this we have the modern day women?s movement that has in some cases helped women, and in the vast majority of cases destroyed the YaH established family. Most of these women organizations hate the Kodesh Scriptures and do everything they can to discredit, make fun of and marginalize its authority, but if you are a believer and servant of Yahshua ha`Mashiyach you cannot disregard what it says, because if you do you have no deliverance from sin/disobedience and eventually eternal death; because you cannot pick and choose out of the scriptures what you like and don?t like and say, ?I?m only going to do what I like?. So, with that said lets start from the beginning, where man and woman, husband and wife interacted and turned the course for all of mankind:

Page 26

{B`reshiyth/Genesis: 2:18:  And ???? Elohiym said it is not well that Adam should be alone; I will make him a help mate?

B`reshiyth/Genesis: 2:21:  And ???? Elohiym caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept: and HE took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead of it;

B`reshiyth: 2:22:  And the rib, which ???? Elohiym had taken from Adam, made him a woman, and brought her to Adam.

B`reshiyth: 2:23:  And Adam said this is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman/Ishshah, because she was taken out of Iysh/Man.

B`reshiyth: 2:24:  Therefore shall a man/iysh leave his father/ab and his mother/em, and shall cleave to his ishshah/wife: and they shall be one flesh.

B`reshiyth: 2:25:  And they were both naked, Adam and his Ishshah/Woman, and were not ashamed.


At this point the Word of YaHVeH already established the authority of Adam and Iysh/Man over the Ishshah/Woman; she is going to be his aid/help mate. I?m not saying this to rub it in the woman?s face; it?s just a plain and simple truth of the Kodesh Scriptures that the Word of ???? established this authority. That doesn?t mean the aid doesn?t have a lot of influence and input to help man. What it does mean is that the man has to make the final decision after the Ishshah has given her input. Yes, and sometimes the man must make a decision when he doesn?t have the time to hear the woman?s input. If man is seeking the mind of Yahshua ha`Mashiyach then his heart will be concerned for his ishshah and his children when making that decision.

B`reshiyth/Genesis: 3:1:  Now the serpent was more crafty/arum than any beast of the field which ???? Elohiym had made. And he said to the ishshah/woman, yes, has Elohiym said; you shall not eat of every tree of the garden/fenced in?


The last part of the verse can read like this ??you shall not eat of every tree fenced in or hedged in??

E-sword Strong?s Iybriy/Hebrew Concordance the Iybriy word for ?garden? is ?gan?:





From H1598; a garden (as fenced): - garden.

Page 27






A primitive root; to hedge about, that is, (generally) protect: - defend.


This is what the Word of YaHVeH said:

B`reshiyth: 2:16:  And ???? Elohiym commanded Adam, saying, Of every tree fenced in you can freely eat:

B`reshiyth: 2:17:  But of the tree of the knowledge of wealth and evil, you shall not eat of it: for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.

So, the serpent was either trying to confuse the woman, or he was trying to find out how much she knew, or he was trying to make her doubt what she heard? are you sure ???? Elohiym said what you think HE said? But the Ishshah repeats what was said to her:

B`reshiyth: 3:2:  And the Ishshah said to the serpent, We can eat of the fruit of the trees fenced in:

B`reshiyth: 3:3:  But of the fruit of the tree which is in the middle of the fence, Elohiym has said, You shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it, lest you die.


The Ishshah heard right, she repeated back to the serpent what she was instructed to do and not do. The serpent caused her to questions what she was told:

B`reshiyth: 3:4:  And the serpent said to the Ishshah, you shall not surely die:

B`reshiyth: 3:5:  For Elohiym does know that in the day you eat of it, then your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be as Elohiym, knowing wealth and evil.

The serpent knew that they would not die right away, but he also knew that it would be in a matter of time as they aged that they would die. But the serpent appealed to her intellect and curiosity.

Here is a simple drawing of what the fenced in trees looked like and middle of the fenced in tree looked like:

Page 28


B`reshiyth: 3:6: And when the ishshah saw that the tree was edible for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit of it, and did eat, and gave also to her husband with her; and he did eat.


So now the Ishshah questions the wisdom of not eating from the tree because the fruit is edible and it looks so appealing and it will make me wise. So the Ishshah took it upon herself before discussing it with Adam to eat the fruit. What the verse is implying to me is that the Ishshah ate some of the fruit then picked some of it and carried it back to Adam where he then ate of it. Remember the Ishshah was alone when the serpent spoke with her, so she had to bring the fruit to Adam. It seems Adam didn?t question the Ishshah where the fruit came from; I?m sure it was different looking from all the other fruit they had eaten.

B`reshiyth: 3:7: And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.


The process of both their eyes being open didn?t happen until Adam ate the fruit with the Ishshah. Again YaHVeH showing the authority that Adam/man has over the woman. If he had never eaten the fruit with her he would not have been punished; and more than likely the Word of YaHVeH would?ve left it up to Adam in what to do to the Ishshah, just as the Word of YaHVeH had left some judgments up to Mosheh when the children of Yisrael did not obey (Shemoth 32; 34; Mat. 19:8).

Yeshayah: 3:13:  YaHVeH stands up to plead, and stands to judge the people.

Yeshayah: 3:14: YaHVeH will enter into judgment with the ancients of HIS people, and the sariym/princes of it: for you all have eaten up the vineyard; the spoil of the poor is in your houses.


What comes to my mind when I here what YaHVeH says in verse 14 is this wicked corrupt procedure law enforcement is doing today in the USA; it?s called ?Civil Asset Forfeiture?, where those you think are the ones who are suppose to protect you, are the ones shaking you down like a common theft in the streets and stealing your money and your property from you! As usual it was a tool to catch the bad guys but has become a backdoor for the wicked to use it to fund their departments. See these stories:

Page 29

B`reshiyth: 3:12:  And Adam said, the Ishshah whom YOU gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.}


Of course Adam was shirking his responsibility and minimizing his disobedience in verse 12 and placing it on the Ishshah, as if he had no power, strength or authority to say no to the Ishshah. If you?re a married man you do want to please your wife and it is hard sometimes to say no to her so I think most married men know the position Adam was in. But in this case he should have known the severity of the sin (Rom. 5:12). He should have wanted to please YaHVeH more than his wife (Mat. 6:24; Luke 6:22; 14:26).

The next example in the scriptures we come to is when Abraham listen to his wife Sarah and produced his first born ben Yishmael through his wife?s maid servant Hagar, which produced the Arab people and the quarrel of the Covenant (V`yakra 26:25) we have today (B?reshiyth 16 especially verse 2).

Another example we have is when the men of ancient Yisrael were too afraid to take the lead and instead insisted on Deborah leading them into battle against Yabiyn king of Kena`an (Shophetiym 4 especially verse 9).

The next example I?ll give is during the time of Eliyah when Achab reign as melek over the House of Yisrael; and instead of Achab being obedient to YaHVeH in keeping HIS Torah, he was even more sinful in marrying a pagan Baal worshiping Ziydoniy ishshah/woman named Iyzebel/Jezebel and obeying her voice over the ALMIGHTIES Voice (1 Melekiym 16; 18; 19; 21; 2 Melekiym 9).

Another example given in the scripture of the authority of man over the woman is in 1 Corinthians chapter 11 and 14:34-35, read it for yourself. Now ladies, these examples from scripture is not meant to beat you over the head with and make you take your place, remember to whom much is given much is required (Luke 12:48), so the man has the greater judgment on him. Also when we are changed from corruptible to incorruptible and given our new bodies we will be like the Shamayim Malakiym and no longer designated as male and female or marrying one another (Mat. 22:30), we will be judging Shamayim Malakiym (1 Cor. 6:3), obedience is what is required of all of us male or female in order to receive our wings so to speak.  

The last example I?ll give is Revelation 17. Why do you think YaHVeH uses a woman riding the Beast to symbolize sinful disobedience, because it all goes back to the Garden of Eden and what the first Ishshah/Woman had done?

I?ve have heard some women in our time say that if women were ruling in all positions of authority we wouldn?t have the wars and problems we have today. Do you know how arrogant and naive that is for someone to say such a thing? Read the scriptures and study history and you?ll see that woman are just as corrupt as man is and probably more susceptible for demonic possession because of what happen in the Garden. Satan didn?t approach Adam he approached the Ishshah.

Page 30

Also another sign of the time we are in is the fact that there is more woman in seats of authority in the USA and the world than there ever has been:

Current women leaders of national governments

The following women leaders are currently in office as either the head of their nation's government or the head of state:

 Date term began Title of office Name Country
     22 November 2005
 Chancellor Angela Merkel Germany
 16 January 2006 President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Liberia
 10 December 2007 President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner Argentina
 6 January 2009 Prime MinisterSheikh Hasina
 12 July 2009 President Dalia Grybauskait? Lithuania
 1 January 2011 President Dilma Rousseff Brazil
 7 April 2011 President Atifete Jahjaga Kosovo
 3 October 2011 Prime Minister Helle Thorning-SchmidtDenmark 
 5 January 2012 Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller Jamaica
 25 February 2013 President Park Geun-Hye South Korea
 16 October 2013 Prime Minister Erna Solberg Norway
 20 January 2014 President Catherine Samba-Panza Central African Republic
 22 January 2014 Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma Latvia
 11 March 2014 President Michelle Bachelet Chile (She previously served as President from 2006?2010)
 4 April 2014 President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca Malta
 16 November 2015 Prime MinisterBeata Szydlo
 19 November 2014 First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Scotland
 18 February 2015 President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovi? Croatia
 21 March 2015 Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa Namibia
 20 May 2016 President-elect Tsai Ing-wen Taiwan

To see more just go to Wikipedia link above. Pages 31 through 35 are skipped because you can go to Wikipedia and see the tables listing women in power. I have them on my personal Windows document for a record but it will take up to much space to post.

Page 36

Yeshayah: 3:13:  YaHVeH stands up to plead, and stands to judge the people.

Yeshayah: 3:14: YaHVeH will enter into judgment with the ancients of HIS people, and the sariym/princes of it: for you all have eaten up the vineyard; the spoil of the poor is in your houses.


What comes to my mind when I here what YaHVeH says in verse 14 is this wicked corrupt procedure law enforcement is doing today in the USA; it?s called ?Civil Asset Forfeiture?, where those you think are the ones who are suppose to protect you, are the ones shaking you down like a common theft in the streets and stealing your money and your property from you! As usual it was a tool to catch the bad guys but has become a backdoor for the wicked to use it to fund their departments. See these stories:

The DEA paid a TSA agent to go through people's luggage looking

ACLU takes on Arizona civil asset forfeiture abuse



Another thing that comes to my mind is the homeless people in the USA. Because most people cannot effort to buy property with a structure on it today many people in this country are living on the streets after a devastating disaster in their lives; like loss of employment, medical bankruptcy and or events out of their control. The one thing that would prevent this would be family owned land and that land could never be taken away from the family and or taxed, just as YaHVeH?s Torah prescribes (V`yakra/Lev. 25:1 ? 10; B`midbar/Numbers 13:2). At least they would have land and could find some way to support themselves, which brings us to what the Bureau of Land Management/BLM has done and is doing today in the USA! This is another out of control and corrupt department of the Federal Government that has stolen millions of acres of land from people, especially out west and now some have reached their limit and is protesting it in Oregon right now as of the writing of this commentary:


But here is a video you need to watch of a retirement party going on for someone in the BLM and the evil things they say that they are doing:


Page 37

Here is an illustration of the land taken and stolen by the BLM:





Page 38


Yeshayah: 3:15:  Why do you beat the people to pieces, and grind the faces of the poor, says the Rabbi ???? of hosts?


Verse 15 in the KJV originally reads like this:

{Isaiah 3:15:  What mean ye that ye beat my people to pieces, and grind the faces of the poor? saith the Lord GOD of hosts.}

Yeshayah: 3:16:  Moreover ???? said, because the daughters of Ziyon are haughty/proud, and walk with stretched out necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet:


What type of woman is the Word of YaHVeH describing in verse 16? HE`s describing a woman that has the characteristics of a whore; like Iyzebel and the woman riding the Beast (Rev. 17).

In Mishley/Proverbs 31:10 ? 31 you?ll find the ideal woman.

Page 39

12/27/6996* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [03/05/16]

Yeshayah: 3:17: Therefore the Rabbi will hit with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Ziyon, and ???? will discover their secret parts.


Yahvshalam is made analogous to a woman. Notice the women have become looser morally, so they dress to gain attention, like a whore would do standing on a street corner soliciting her services. Much like what the USA leadership does when any foreign lobbyist can come in and buy their vote to promote a foreign nations influence or cause (Yechizkiyah 16). The leaders don?t care about what they are doing to their own nation/family and friends so long as they can feather their own nest now; who cares about the consequences later? The modern day ?Jewish State?/House of Yudah does the same thing today as well.

The rulers are the crown and their secret parts are the entering into the heykal/capital building, the penetration of their secret parts.

Also refer to Dabariym/Deuteronomy 21:10 ? 14 where the invading army of Yisrael was allowed to take a wife from their enemy captives, but he had to shave her head. Understand Islam has adopted some customs out of YaHVeH?s Torah. Is this verse referring to that custom or is it the results from a fiery bomb attack from the enemy?

{Revelation/Raz Galah/Secrets Revealed: 17:16:  And the ten horns which you saw on the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.}

Yeshayah: 3:18:  In that day the Rabbi will take away the beauty of their tinkling ornaments about their feet, and their cauls, and their round pendants,

Yeshayah: 3:19:  The earrings, bracelets, and long veil,

Yeshayah: 3:20: the bonnets, ornaments for legs, headbands and the house ghost incantation,


In verse 18 I eliminated ?like the moon? from the KJV because it was added and not necessary to describe what has already been describe as being ?round?. I shorten verse 19 and 20 because all the ?the? an ?and? are not needed when using a comma. Also where you see ?house ghost incantation? the KJV originally read ?and the tablets and the earrings? but made no sense at all in contest with what these verses are describing, which is the disobedient behavior of the children of Yisrael and the reason the verse was replaced with ?house ghost incantation?, because this is what people do today, they have séance in their houses. Some of you might be familiar with some of the shows on television today like: ?Ghost Hunters?, ?The Haunted?, and ?Ghost Adventures??etc. This type of activity among Hollywood spiritualist circles is very common. Shirley MacLaine pops into my head instantly for an example.

Page 40

Yeshayah: 3:21:  The rings and nose jewels,

Yeshayah: 3:22:  The changeable suits of apparel, veils, shawls and purses

Yeshayah: 3:23:  The mirrors, fine linen, head dresses and large veils.

Yeshayah: 3:24:  And it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell there shall be stink; and instead of a belt a rope; and instead of well form braided hair, baldness; and instead of a festive covering a binding of sackcloth; and scarring instead of beauty.

Yeshayah: 3:25: Your men shall fall by the sword, and your power in war.

Yeshayah: 3:26: And her gates shall lament and mourn; and she being desolate shall sit on the ground.

13/18/6996* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [03/26/16]

Yeshayah/Isaiah: 4:1:  And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, we will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by your name, to take away our reproach.


Verse 1 is picking up from what Yeshayah 3:26 said. Now if you consider Revelation and the Beast with Ten Horns as the invading enemy that YaHVeH uses to punish the disobedient children of Yisrael and who the Beast with Ten Horns are, you`ll realize that the political cult philosophy of the Beast with Ten Horns is Islam. And if you have done any research for yourself into this Death Sex cult religion you would quickly find out how horribly this system treats women, and why the women in Yeshayah 4:1 are saying and willing to do what the verse describes.

You see YaHVeH is using an extreme unrighteous system of Islam to demonstrate to the disobedient children of Yisrael how righteous and fair HIS Torah is, but you got to repent and obey. Eventually all man made governments become corrupt and Draconian to help keep the few at the top in power (Luke 4:5-8). Just remember the symbolism of Daniel 2 and finally the feet being smashed.

Yeshayah: 4:2:  In that day shall the branch of ???? be beautiful and magnificent, and the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and comely for them that are escaped of Yisrael.


Verse 2 takes place after the Messi`Yah Yahshua has returned in the clouds. Notice there will be a flesh blood remnant still alive in Yahvshalam; remember the Body of Yahshua is not flesh and blood (1 Cor. 15); notice ?the earth shall be excellent and comely for them that are escaped of Yisrael.? see Yeshayah chapter 11.

Yeshayah: 4:3:  And it shall come to pass, that he that is left in Ziyon, and he that remains in Yahvshalam, shall be called kadosh, even every one that is written among the living in Yahvsham:

Page 41

Yeshayah: 4:4:  When the Rabbi shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Ziyon, and shall have purged the blood of Yahvshalam from the midst of it by the ruach of judgment, and by the ruach of burning.


Remember Yahvshalam/Yahvshalayim means YaHVeH will restore and Yahvsham means YaHVeH is there.

Yeshayah: 4:5:  And ???? will create upon every dwelling place of mount Ziyon, and on her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day, and the shining of a flaming fire by night: for on the entire splendor shall be a defense/canopy.

Yeshayah: 4:6:  And there shall be a tabernacle for shade in the daytime from the heat, and for a place of shelter, and for a refuge from storm and from rain.


Compare these scriptures:

{Shemoth/Exodus: 13:21: And YaHVeH went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:

Shemoth: 13:22: He took not away the pillar of the cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by night, from before the people.

Shemoth/Exodus: 14:24:  And it came to pass, that in the morning watch YaHVeH looked to the host of the Mitsrayim/Egyptians through the pillar of fire and of the cloud, and troubled the host of the Mitsriy/Egyptians,

Revelation/Raz Galah/Secrets Revealed: 20:7: and when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,

Revelation: 20:8:  And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.

Revelation: 20:9:  And they went up on the width of the earth, and compassed the camp of the kadoshiym about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from YaHVeH out of Shamayim, and devoured them.}

13/25/6996* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [04/02/16]

Yeshayah/Isaiah: 5:1:  Now will I sing to my well beloved a song of my beloved touching his vineyard. My well beloved ha`Yah has a vineyard in a very fruitful hill:


Page 42

The verse could read the way it?s worded above or below.

Yeshayah: 5:1:  Now/Na will I sing/shiyr to my well beloved/yediyd a song/shiyrah of my BELOVED/DOD touching HIS vineyard/kerem. My well beloved/yediyd has/ha`Yah a vineyard/kerem in a very/firstborn ben fruitful/shemen hill/keren:

Verse 1 is a suitable example of why you must use some type of well researched Iybriy/Hebrew dictionary and concordance when reading the KJV. The KJV uses the word ?hath? (the modern word is ?has?) in this verse. You will notice I underlined the word ?hath? but the Iybriy is actually the name YaHVeH gave Mosheh to use when he was to go to Egypt and speak to the children of Yisrael.

From Strong`s Hebrew and Greek Concordance:

{Exo 3:14  And GodH430 saidH559 untoH413 Moses,H4872 I AMH1961 THATH834 I AM:H1961 and he said,H559 ThusH3541 shalt thou sayH559 unto the childrenH1121 of Israel,H3478 I AMH1961 hath sentH7971 me untoH413 you.

Isa 5:1  NowH4994 will I singH7891 to my wellbelovedH3039 a songH7892 of my belovedH1730 touching his vineyard.H3754 My wellbelovedH3039 hathH1961 a vineyardH3754 in a very fruitful hill:H1121 H8081 H7161 }

Also as has been discussed many times on website ( and in articles posted there, Yoseph along with his two benniym Ephrayim and Menashsheh are the fruitful, prosperous tribe, which all the other tribes benefited from because of their prosperity. It was Ephrayim, who led the ten tribes (House of Yisrael/Yech. 20:13) into idolatry and caused them to split from the House of Yahudah (two tribes). See 1 Melekiym/Kings chapters 11 and 12. You can also read this article on website to gain a better understanding: 

Yeshayah: 5:2:  And HE fenced it, and gathered out the stones of it, and planted it with the choicest vine, and built a tower in the midst of it, and also made a winepress in it: and HE looked that it should bring forth grapes, and it brought forth poison berries/beushiym.


If you go to the Messianic Writings you will see that the Rabbi Yahshua spoke parables concerning this very same vineyard.  See Matith`Yah/Matthew chapters 20; 21:28, 33; Mark 12:1; Luke 13:6; 20:9.

Yeshayah: 5:3:  And now, O inhabitants of Yahvshalam, and men of Yahudah, judge, I ask you, between ME and MY vineyard.


Page 43

At the time of the first Heykal/Temple the city of Yahvshalam would have been full of Leviyiym that had different duties concerning Heykal services; and sense the city of Yahvshalam was between the tribes of Yahudah and Benyamin there would?ve normally been those two tribes living in and around it. But Yahudah was chosen to judge YaHVeH`s vineyard because of this nebuah/foretelling in these scriptures:

{B`reshiyth/Genesis: 49:8:  Yahudah, you are he whom your brethren shall praise: your hand shall be in the neck of your enemies; your father's children shall bow down before you.

B`reshiyth: 49:9: Yahudah is a lion's whelp: from the prey, my ben, you are gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up?

B`reshiyth: 49:10: The scepter shall not depart from Yahudah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and to Him shall the gathering of the people be.

B`reshiyth: 49:11: Binding His foal to the vine, and his ass's colt to the choice vine; he washed His garments in wine, and His clothes in the blood of grapes:

B`reshiyth: 49:12: His eyes shall be red with wine, and his teeth white with milk.

Revelation/Raz Galah/Secrets Revealed: 5:1: and I saw in the right hand of HIM that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals.

Revelation: 5:2:  And I saw a strong malak proclaiming with a loud voice: who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals of it?

Revelation: 5:3:  And no man in Shamayim, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look on it.

Revelation: 5:4:  And I wept much, because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book, neither to look on it.

Revelation: 5:5:  And one of the elders said to me, Weep not: observe, the Lion of the tribe of Yahudah, the Root of David, has prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals of it.

Revelation: 5:6:  And I observed, and, look, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Ruachiym of YaHVeH sent forth into all the earth?

Yahvchanan/Yahn/Yohn: 1:29: the next day Yahn sees Yahshua coming to him, and said, Behold the Lamb of YaHVeH, which takes away the sin of the world.

Iybriyiym/Hebrews: 7:14:  For it is evident that our Rabbi sprang out of Yahudah; of which tribe Mosheh spoke nothing concerning kohen-hood.}

This is another proof of why the Body of Yahshua, which is the Assembly of YaHVeH, has an Iybriy Yahudiy mind and why we are called Messianic Yahudiy, anything else is a lie and a counterfeit.

Page 44

01/17/6997* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [04/23/16]

Updated 01/24/6997* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [04/30/16]

7 of 50 days before Ruach ha`Kodesh is poured out.

Yeshayah: 5:4:  What could have been done more to MY vineyard that I have not done in it? Why then, when I looked that it should bring forth grapes, it brought forth poison berries/beushiym?


See Mattith`Yah chapter 13.

Yeshayah: 5:5:  Now I will tell you what I will do to MY vineyard: I will take away the hedge of it, and it shall be eaten up; and break down the wall of it, and it shall be trodden down:


Let?s compare this to what is happening here in the USA. We see this hedge clearly being removed with all the illegal immigrants invading the nation. We clearly see those in political power care nothing for the people already living here in this country and granting all kinds of social welfare benefits to this invading illegal immigrant horde. They are like devouring locusts. Just remember this is being done because of the children of Yisrael disobedience.

Yeshayah: 5:6:  And I will lay it waste: it shall not be pruned, nor dug; but there shall come up briers and thorns: I will also command the clouds that they rain no rain on it.


Verse 6 is revealing the slow decay of a nation until it is laid waste by war.

The infrastructure of the USA is crumbling before our eyes. The most recent example comes to mind is Flint, Michigan and the deterioration of the cities water piping system, not to mention the city of Detroit filing chapter 9 bankruptcy (07/18/16) because the politicians have taken (Shemoth/Ex. 23:8) bribes, and sold the working class down the river to foreign nations.  

Farms in the USA rely heavily on water irrigation to water their crops, because ????/YaHVeH withhold the rains. Of course mankind in general does not recognize this, they think it's normal that people have to use this tool to grow crops: 

Yeshayah: 5:7: For the vineyard of ???? of hosts is the house of Yisrael, and the men of Yahudah HIS pleasant plant: and HE looked for judgment, but observe oppression; for righteousness, but observe a cry.

Page 45


The Word of  ????/YaHVeH clearly explains who the vineyard is and who HIS pleasant plant is. That is where these scriptures come in:

{Romans: 11:17:  And if some of the branches be broken off, and you, being a wild olive tree, were grafted in among them, and with them partake of the root and fatness of the olive tree;

Revelation: 12:17:  And the dragon was angry with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of YaHVeH, and have the witness of Yahshua Mashiyach.

Revelation/Raz Galah/Secrets Revealed: 14:12:  Here is the patience of the kadoshiym/pure: here are they that keep the commandments of YaHVeH, and the belief of Yahshua.}

Yeshayah: 5:8:  Woe to them that join house to house, that lay field to field; till there is no place that they might be placed alone in the midst of the earth!


What does the Word of YaHVeH mean the children of Yisrael are joining house to house? Well, sense YaHVeH`s system does not revolve around economy but the pagan gentile system does; HE`s talking about the children of Yisrael and how they have become like the gentile pagan nations surrounding them. It?s an easy problem to see today how people in neighborhoods live in houses butted right up against one another and or too close for any privacy:


Page 46

Today, we see this in how farms are set up. Instead people having their own land and they grow their own food, we have the farming industrial complex going on, where they will butt a crop field up against another crop field and try and grow as much food as possible, because people don?t know how, don?t want to know how and the government doesn?t want us to know how, so we don?t have the ability to be self sustaining in growing our own food. You can see this type of an example in the story of the children of Yisrael being held captive in Egypt. During the time of seven years of famine, Yoseph mind you held control over the grain and got the people to sell their cattle first then their land to Paro/Pharaoh for food, after that Paro allowed the people to be farm slaves where they gave a portion of their produce to Paro see B`reshiyth 47:14 ? 26:



Yeshayah: 5:9:  In MY ears said ???? of hosts, of a truth many houses shall be desolate, even great and beautiful, without inhabitant.

Yeshayah: 5:10: Yes, ten acres of vineyard shall yield one bath, and the seed of a homer shall yield an ephah.


Verses 9 and 10 are describing almost complete destruction of a nation, where beautiful elegant mansions have no occupants due to a devastated economy and either billion heirs are fleeing to other countries leaving their homes deserted, or they have been taken captive or killed by war; it takes so much land to produce very little.

Yeshayah:  5:11:  Woe to them that rise up early in the morning, that they follow strong drink; that continue until night, till wine inflames them!

Yeshayah: 5:12: And the harp, and the viol, the tabret, and pipe, and wine, are in their feasts: but they regard not the work of  ????, neither consider the operation of HIS Hands.


I know exactly what verses 11 and 12 are describing. I know because that?s the way most teenagers growing up in the late 60?s and all of the 70`s lived and gravitated toward as they became adults. It?s the life style that the Gentiles/Pagans lives and the Greeks and the Romans perfected; getting up early in the morning going to festivals, concerts and or pagan holidays doing all kinds of debauchery. Now I didn?t realize by behaving like this when I was a teenager and young adult that I was by my actions worshipping a Greco-Roman idol. I was just following the ?spirit?/attitude of the day. It?s what the emissary Shaul wrote about in this verse:

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{Ephesians: 2:1:  And you has He changed, who were dead in trespasses and sins;

Ephesians:  2:2:  Wherein in time past you all walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now works in the children of disobedience :}

You must understand that the disobedient children of Yisrael have a ?brass brow? and an ?iron sinew? neck (Yeshayah 48:4), which the brass/bronze represents Greece and the iron repents Rome. See Daniel chapter 2.


Dionysus (/da?.??na?s?s/; Greek: ????????, Dionysos) is the god of the grape harvest, wine making and wine, of ritual madness, fertility,[2][3] theatre and religious ecstasy in Greek mythology. Alcohol, especially wine, played an important role in Greek culture with Dionysus being an important reason for this life style.[4] His name, thought to be a theonym in Linear B tablets as di-wo-nu-so (KH Gq 5 inscription),[5] shows that he may have been worshipped as early as c. 1500?1100 BC by Mycenean Greeks; other traces of the Dionysian-type cult have been found in ancient Minoan Crete.[6] His origins are uncertain, and his cults took many forms; some are described by ancient sources as Thracian, others as Greek.[7][8][9] In some cults, he arrives from the east, as an Asiatic foreigner; in others, from Ethiopia in the South. He is a god of epiphany, "the god that comes", and his "foreignness" as an arriving outsider-god may be inherent and essential to his cults. He is a major, popular figure of Greek mythology and religion, and is included in some lists of the twelve Olympians. Dionysus was the last god to be accepted into Mt. Olympus. He was the youngest and the only one to have a mortal mother.[10] His festivals were the driving force behind the development of Greek theatre. Modern scholarship categorizes him as a dying-and-rising god.[11][12]

The earliest cult images of Dionysus show a mature male, bearded and robed. He holds a fennel staff, tipped with a pine-cone and known as a thyrsus. Later images show him as a beardless, sensuous, naked or half-naked androgynous youth: the literature describes him as womanly or "man-womanish".[13] In its fully developed form, his central cult imagery shows his triumphant, disorderly arrival or return, as if from some place beyond the borders of the known and civilized. His procession (thiasus) is made up of wild female followers (maenads) and bearded satyrs with erect penises. Some are armed with the thyrsus, some dance or play music. The god himself is drawn in a chariot, usually by exotic beasts such as lions or tigers, and is sometimes attended by a bearded, drunken Silenus. This procession is presumed to be the cult model for the human followers of his Dionysian Mysteries. In his Thracian mysteries, he wears the bassaris or fox-skin, symbolizing a new life. Dionysus is represented by city religions as the protector of those who do not belong to conventional society and thus symbolizes everything which is chaotic, dangerous and unexpected, everything which escapes human reason and which can only be attributed to the unforeseeable action of the gods.[14]

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Also known as Bacchus (/?bæk?s/ or /?b??k?s/; Greek: ??????, Bakkhos), the name adopted by the Romans[15] and the frenzy he induces, bakkheia. His thyrsus is sometimes wound with ivy and dripping with honey. It is a beneficent wand but also a weapon, and can be used to destroy those who oppose his cult and the freedoms he represents. He is also called Eleutherios ("the liberator"), whose wine, music and ecstatic dance frees his followers from self-conscious fear and care, and subverts the oppressive restraints of the powerful. Those who partake of his mysteries are possessed and empowered by the god himself.[16] His cult is also a "cult of the souls"; his maenads feed the dead through blood-offerings, and he acts as a divine communicant between the living and the dead.[17]

In Greek mythology, he is presented as a son of Zeus and the mortal Semele, thus semi-divine or heroic: and as son of Zeus and Persephone or Demeter, thus both fully divine, part-chthonic and possibly identical with Iacchus of the Eleusinian Mysteries. Some scholars believe that Dionysus is a syncretism of a local Greek nature deity and a more powerful god from Thrace or Phrygia such as Sabazios or Zalmoxis.

02/16/6997* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [05/21/16]

 Yeshayah: 5:13:  Therefore MY people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge: and their respectable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst.


Before Yahshua ha`Mashiyach returns there will be 2nd captivity like the one during the time of Ya?akob and Mosheh. See Yeshayah 11.

?They have no knowledge? is very true especially today because Christianity and Judaism have replaced YaHVeH?s/???? Torah and the Messianic Writings with traditions of men/Talmud, pagan customs and a Babylonian, Greco-Roman ?Christ?. See Hoshea 4:6.

Yeshayah: 5:14:  Therefore sheol/death/grave has enlarged its nephesh/appetite, and opened its mouth without measure: and their splendor, wealth, pomp, and rejoicing, shall descend into it.

Yeshayah: 5:15:  Adam/man shall be brought down, and the mighty man humbled, and the eyes of the lofty shall be humbled:

Yeshayah: 5:16:  But ???? of hosts shall be exalted in judgment, and EL that is kadosh/pure shall be kadash/purified in zedakah/righteousness.

Yeshayah: 5:17: Then shall the lambs feed after their manner, and the waste places of the rich shall strangers eat.

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Yeshayah: 5:18:  Woe to them that sow iniquity with cords of vanity, and sin as it were with a cart rope:


Verse 18 is describing people, who have no conscience or regard for anything moral, clean, decent and right. Their conscience has been seared with a hot iron (1Timothy 4:2). If you look at today?s scientific, medical and modern technology community, especially those, who have been hired to developed weapons and tools to change YaHVeH?s/???? creation from what HE has specifically forbidden in HIS Torah (Dabariym/Deut. 17:16; T`hiyliym/Ps. 99:8), you?ll see a society void of YAHLY morals. The USA Pentagon is doing exactly this through their DARPA program. See Video on this subject:

Pentagon DARPA Program

You have a scientific medical community, who has no problem with mixing human DNA with animal and insect DNA, which violates the bestiality principle laid down in the Torah YaHVeH/???? (V`yakra/Lev. 19:19):

In search for cures scientist create embryos that are both human and animal

03/07/6997* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat day before Chag Shebuah [06/11/16]

Yeshayah: 5:19: That say, Let him make speed, and hasten his work, that we see it: and let the counsel of the Kadosh One of Yisrael stand near and come, that we know it!


Verse 19 the way it is worded is very hard for me to understand. But what I believe the Ruach ha`Kodesh is saying to help me understand this verse is: These people are developing something evil, and they need to do it quickly (and their doing with joy and excitement) before anybody finds out what their doing; and they are keeping watch to see if YaHVeH informs one of HIS kadoshiym, like a nabiy so they can prevent him from saying anything and blow their entire cover.

The word ?speed? used in KJV is taken from the Iybriy/Hebrew ?mahar? Strong?s Concordance:





A primitive root; properly to be liquid or flow easily, that is, (by implication); to hurry (in a good or bad sense); often used (with another verb) adverbially promptly: - be carried headlong, fearful, (cause to make, in, make) haste (-n, -ily, (be) hasty, (fetch, make ready) X quickly, rash, X shortly, (be so) X soon, make speed, X speedily, X straightway, X suddenly, swift.

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It is correctly used to mean ?speed?. But the next Iybriy word used in this verse I?m not so sure about. The KJV used the English word ?hasten? and the Iybriy word is ?chush? from Strong?s Concordance:





A primitive root; to hurry; figuratively to be eager with excitement or enjoyment: - (make) haste (-n), ready.

The word can mean hurry but why would it be repeated twice but with a different Iybriy word. So I believe the Iybriy word given is meant to give us a sense of the attitude of the people doing this evil and they are eager with excitement in doing what they are doing. They have no problem with what they are doing is wrong, evil, sinful and contrary to the Torah of YaHVeH.

Yeshayah: 5:20: Woe to them that call evil right, and right evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Yeshayah: 5:21:  Woe to them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!


Now verse 20 and 21 I believe is speaking directly to the progressive liberal academic and scientific communities.

Today we have the LGBT community/lobby (about 2 or 3% of the USA population) trying to make every sexual behavior that mankind does as being alright and normal, which goes totally against YaHVeH?s/???? Torah, which means what their doing is anti-Yahvshua/???????? the Messi`Yah. See V`yakra/Leviticus 18. Listen there is a determined effort from these YAHLESS Torah-less people to do away with anything that involves the Kodesh Scriptures! Much like what happen during the time of the Maccabees foretold about in Daniel chapter 11 and what book 1 Maccabees explains.

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In this day and age we now have a scientific community that has no morals or conscience thought about what they are doing if it is right or wrong! They are mixing human, animal and insect DNA together all for the perverted advancement of civilization! It?s no different from the mentality that was before the flood (B?reshiyth/Gen. 6) and at the Tower of Babel (B?reshiyth 11). Mankind making contact with rebellious Shamayim Malakiym, who I call Angels, Demons, Devils?etc (1 Cor. 10:20), who are the space aliens that so many now are enamored with today.  I have no doubt that these intellectuals have received and are receiving information from these demons in the work that they do. Much of the scientific knowledge that the USA gain was from the Nazi?s after World War II. The Nazi?s were totally consumed with occult activity and knowledge. See video:

Nazi occult conspiracy full length documentary

Also see video on website that gets into some of what I?m talking about:

Pentagon DARPA Program

Remember what the emissary Shaul said in 1 Corinthians 1 and I believe he said because of what Yeshayah 5:21 said:

{1 Corinthians: 1:18: For the preaching of the stake is to them that perish foolishness; but to us which are delivered it is the power of YaHVeH.

1 Corinthians: 1:19: ?? For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.

1 Corinthians: 1:20: ??Where is the wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the disputer of this world? Has not YaHVeH made foolish the wisdom of this world?

1 Corinthians: 1:21: ?? For after that in the wisdom of YaHVeH the world by wisdom knew not YaHVeH, it pleased Elohiym by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.

1 Corinthians: 1:22: ?? For the Yudiym require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom:

1 Corinthians: 1:23: ?? But we preach Mashiyach hung, to the Yudiym a stumbling block, and to the Greeks foolishness;

1 Corinthians: 1:24: ?? But to them which are called, both Yudiym and Greeks, Mashiyach the power of YaHVeH, and the wisdom of YaHVeH.

1 Corinthians: 1:25: ?? Because the foolishness of YaHVeH is wiser than men; and the weakness of YaHVeH is stronger than men.

1 Corinthians: 1:26: ?? For you all see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:

1 Corinthians: 1:27: ?? But YaHVeH has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and YaHVeH has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

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1 Corinthians: 1:28: ?? And base things of the world, and things which are despised, has YaHVeH chosen, yes, and things which are not, to bring to nothing things that are:

1 Corinthians: 1:29: ?? That no flesh should boast in HIS presence.

1 Corinthians: 1:30: ?? But of HIM are you all in Mashiyach Yahshua, who of YaHVeH is made to us wisdom, and righteousness, and purification, and redemption:

1 Corinthians: 1:31: ?? That, according as it is written, He that boast, let him boast in the Rabbi.}

Understand Yannes and Yambres were the scientist in Egypt during the time of the Exodus. They call them magicians then, but they were working towards the same goal as the scientist of today are working toward today, no different, accept the scientist today have way more knowledge. See Yashar/Jasher 73:28-29; Shemoth/Exodus 7:11; 2 Timothy 3:8; Yosephus Bk. 2 12:3.   

03/14/6997* 7th day of the week/Shabbat [06/18/16]

Added info 03/21/6997* 7th day of the week/Shabbat [06/25/16]

Yeshayah: 5:22: Woe to them that are powerful, who drink wine, and men of an army to mingle strong drink:


This verse is not a prohibition on alcohol, but a prohibition on people in certain procession of authority and when they drink alcohol. When the sword is being wielded your mind must be clear and it must be wielded in righteousness.

Yeshayah: 5:23:  Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!


Verse 23 is talking about a mercenary militia and they are hiring their services out to the highest bidder. They don?t care what the cause right or wrong and in most cases it?s a wrong/evil issue they are bought for and side with.

The Body of Yahshua is not to go around militarily trying to set up the Kingdom of YaHVeH on this earth, that job is for Yahshua our Rabbi to do. Yes, our weapons and armor are the Word of YaHVeH; and our primary battle is in the Ruach realm (Eph. 6:10 ? 18), but that doesn?t mean we cannot defend our families from wicked people, who would attack us. We use the sword defensively (Rams horns) and not offensively (predator beast). We judge matters within the Body of Yahshua and not those outside the body. We don?t make our living militarily by living by the sword. We don?t use the sword to solve all our problems (Mat. 26:52). Do you understand?

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These verses demonstrate why YaHVeH/???? never wanted the nation of Yisrael to have a standing army like all the other pagan gentile nations surrounding them did; and this doesn?t mean the men of the nation were not to be militarily prepared with their own personal weapon encase of enemy invasion of their land or wide spread sinful behavior breaks out (Luke 22:36 ? 38; Shemoth/Ex. 32:27 ? 29); but because of the sin character of man, the person in power whether man or woman would eventually use it to promote his or her personal agenda; the Posse Comitatus Act I believe unwittingly points to the Torah in its creation:

Posse Comitatus Act

The Posse Comitatus Act is a United States federal law (18 U.S.C. § 1385, original at 20 Stat. 152) signed on June 18, 1878 by President Rutherford B. Hayes. The purpose of the act ? in concert with the Insurrection Act of 1807 ? is to limit the powers of the federal government in using federal military personnel to enforce domestic policies within the United States. It was passed as an amendment to an army appropriation bill following the end of Reconstruction, and was subsequently updated in 1956 and 1981.

The Act only specifically applies to the United States Army and, as amended in 1956, the United States Air Force. While the Act does not explicitly mention the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps, due to their being naval services, the Department of the Navy has prescribed regulations that are generally construed to give the Act force with respect to those services as well. The Act does not apply to the Army and Air National Guard under state authority from acting in a law enforcement capacity within its home state or in an adjacent state if invited by that state's governor. The United States Coast Guard, which operates under the Department of Homeland Security, is not covered by the Posse Comitatus Act either, primarily because although the Coast Guard is an armed service, it also has both a maritime law enforcement mission and a federal regulatory agency mission.


The Act, 15 of the appropriations bill for the Army for 1879, found at 20 Stat. 152, was a response to, and subsequent prohibition of, the military occupation of the former Confederate States by the United States Army during the ten years of Reconstruction (1867?1877) following the American Civil War (1861?1865). The president withdrew federal troops from the Southern States as a result of a compromise in one of the most disputed national elections in American history, the 1876 U.S. presidential election. Samuel J. Tilden of New York, the Democratic candidate, defeated Republican candidate Rutherford B. Hayes of Ohio in the popular vote. Tilden garnered 184 electoral votes to Hayes' 165; 20 disputed electoral votes remained uncounted. After a bitter fight, Congress struck a deal resolving the dispute and awarded the presidency to Hayes.

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In return for Southern acquiescence regarding Hayes, Republicans agreed to support the withdrawal of federal troops from the former Confederate states, formally ending Reconstruction. Known as the Compromise of 1877, South Carolina, Florida and Louisiana agreed to certify Rutherford B. Hayes as the President in exchange for the removal of Federal troops from the South.[1]

The U.S. Constitution places primary responsibility for the holding of elections in the hands of the individual states. The maintenance of peace, conduct of orderly elections, and prosecution of unlawful actions are all state responsibilities, pursuant of any state's role of exercising police power and maintaining law and order, whether part of a wider federation or a unitary state. During the local, state, and federal elections of 1874 and 1876 in the former Confederate states, all levels of government chose not to exercise their police powers to maintain law and order.[1] Some historians have concluded most Reconstruction governments did not have the power to suppress the violence.

The violence and fraud related to elections had been increasing since 1868, with disruption of Republican meetings, killing and intimidation of many blacks, and a suppression of the black vote by paramilitary groups such as the Red Shirts in Mississippi and the Carolinas, and the White League in Louisiana, in addition to armed white men of what were called rifle clubs. The scale of these is suggested by the fact that in North Carolina, 20,000 white men belonged to rifle clubs, and many others to the Red Shirts. These groups have been described as the "military arm of the Democratic Party" at that time in the South.[2] White Democrats regained control of all Southern state legislatures by 1876. They also elected Democratic U.S. congressmen from the South; together, these politicians halted and reversed political reforms related to the inclusion of freedmen in the political system in the American South,[1] and worked to restore white supremacy.

When the U.S. Representatives and Senators from the former Confederate states reached Washington, they set as a priority legislation to prohibit any future President or Congress from directing, by military order or federal legislation, the imposition of federal troops in any U.S. state. By the 1878 election, Congress was dominated by the Democratic Party, and they passed the Posse Comitatus Act in 1878.

In the mid-20th century, the administration of President Dwight D. Eisenhower used an exception to the Posse Comitatus Act, derived from the Enforcement Acts, to send federal troops into Little Rock, Arkansas, during the 1957 school desegregation crisis. The Arkansas governor had opposed desegregation after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1954 in the Brown v. Board of Education that segregated public schools were unconstitutional. The Enforcement Acts, among other powers, allow the President to call up military forces when state authorities are either unable or unwilling to suppress violence that is in opposition to the constitutional rights of the people.[3]

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The original Posse Comitatus Act referred essentially to the United States Army. The United States Air Force was added in 1956, and the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps have been included by a regulation of the United States Department of Defense. This law is often relied upon to prevent the Department of Defense from interfering in domestic law enforcement.[4] The United States Coast Guard is not included in the Act even though it is one of the five armed services because it is not a part of the Department of Defense. At the time the Act became law, the Coast Guard was part of the United States Department of the Treasury, and was thus exempt.[5]

In the Torah the Word of YaHVeH told Mosheh:

{Dabariym/Deuteronomy: 17:14: When you are come into the land which YaHVeH/???? your Elohiym gives you, and shall possess it, and shall dwell in it, and shall say, I will set a melek over me, like as all the nations/goyiym that are around me;

Dabariym: 17:15: You shall in any wise set him melek over you, whom ???? your Elohiym shall choose: one from among your brethren shall you set melek over you: you can not set a stranger over you, which is not your brother.

Dabariym: 17:16:  But he shall not multiply horses to himself, nor cause the people to return to Egypt, to the end that he should multiply horses: forasmuch as ???? has said to you, you all shall henceforth return no more that way.

Dabariym: 17:17:  Neither shall he multiply wives to himself that his heart turns not away: neither shall he greatly multiply to himself silver and gold.

Dabariym: 17:18:  And it shall be, when he sits on the throne of his kingdom, that he shall write him a copy of this law/torah in a book out of that which is before the kohen the Leviyiym:

Dabariym:  17:19:  And it shall be with him, and he shall read in it all the days of his life: that he learns to fear ???? his Elohiym, to keep all the words of this torah and these statutes, to do them:

Dabariym: 17:20: That his heart be not lifted up above his brethren, and that he turn not aside from the commandment, to the right hand, or to the left: to the end that he prolong his days in his kingdom, he, and his children, in the midst of Yisrael.}

03/21/6997* 7th day of the week/Shabbat [06/25/16]

Yeshayah: 5:24:  Therefore as the fire devoured the stubble, and the flame consumes the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the Torah of ???? of hosts, and despised the Word of the Kadosh One of Yisrael.

Yeshayah: 5:25:  Therefore is the anger of ???? kindled against HIS people, and HE has stretched out HIS Hand against them, and has nakah/punished them: and the hills did tremble, and their carcasses were torn in the middle of the streets. For all this HIS anger is not turned away, but HIS Hand is stretched out still.


Many (Mat. 24:5) will say that YaHVeH/???? does not punish anybody any more now that the Messi`Yah has come. Or that the ?god? they worship does not allow evil to happen to those that worship him. Well, they?re not talking about the Elohiym of the Kodesh Scriptures. Yahshua ha`Mashiyach said He would punish those who are of His Own Body if they didn?t repent (Rev. 2:5, 16, 21, 22; 3:3, 19).

Yeshayah: 5:26:  And HE will lift up an ensign to the nations from far, and will hiss to them from the end of the earth: and, observe, they shall come with speed swiftly:

Page 56

Yeshayah: 5:27:  None shall be weary nor stumble among them; none shall slumber nor sleep; neither shall the girdle of their loins be loosed, nor the latchet of their shoes broken:

Yeshayah: 5:28:  Whose arrows are sharp, and all their bows bent, their horses' hoofs shall be counted like flint, and their wheels like a whirlwind:


Notice ?their horses? hoofs shall be counted like flint?; yes, anciently horses were shod with iron horse shoes, but today those horses and weapons are made with iron. The arrows are bullets and missiles and the bow bent equates that there in firing position; and the wheels are no longer chariots pulled by horses but American, British, Russian, French, German and other foreign nation made tanks, personnel carriers, combat vehicles?etc.

Yeshayah: 5:29:  Their roaring shall be like a lion, they shall roar like young lions: yes, they shall roar, and lay hold of the prey, and shall not escape, and none shall deliver it.


Verse 29 in the KJV was originally written like this:

{Yeshayah: 5:29:  Their roaring shall be like a lion, they shall roar like young lions: yes, they shall roar, and lay hold of the prey, and shall carry it away safe, and none shall deliver it.}

The word ?safe? can give the wrong meaning or impression of what is happening to those that are living disobediently.

Yeshayah: 5:30:  And in that day they shall roar against them like the roaring of the sea: and if one look to the land, observe darkness and sorrow, and the light is darkened in the ariyph/sky.


Why is the light in the Promised Land darkened? Because of Ya?akob?s Trouble/Great Tribulation/World War III and all the smoke from the bombs, rockets and missiles blowing up buildings and a nation?s infrastructure. Not to mention the earthquakes and volcano eruptions that will be taking place as well; and YaHVeH forbid strategic nuclear weapons being used as well as a major nuclear weapon. Remember YaHVeH is not going to allow Satan through unrepentant mankind to destroy HIS creation (Mat. 24:22).

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03/28/6997* 7th day of the week/Shabbat [07/02/16]

04/06/6997* 7th day of the week/Shabbat [07/09/16]

Yeshayah/Isaiah: 6:1:  In the year that melek Uzzi`Yah died I saw also the Rabbi sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and His train filled the Heykal.


Azar`Yahu/Azaryah also known as Uzzi`Yahu/Uzziyah reign from 4180 FCA/800 BCE to 4232 FCA/748 BCE; I believe it was around this time that Amos recorded the earthquake that took place in his time (Amos 1:1; Zecharyah 14:5 See Extrapolated Time Line on website, must be a member to view:

7000 Year Extrapolated Time Line).

Yeshayah: 6:2:  Above it stood the saraphiym: each one had six wings; with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he did fly.

Comments in Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary on Yeshayah 6:2 (edited):

Yeshayah 6:2

Stood ? not necessarily the posture of standing; rather, were in attendance on HIM [Maurer], hovering on expanded wings.

The ? not in the Iybriy/Hebrew.

Saraphiym ? nowhere else applied to YaH`s attendant malakiym; but to the fiery flying (not winged, but rapidly moving) serpents, which bit the Yisraeliym (B`midbar/Num 21:6), called so from the poisonous inflammation caused by their bites. Saraph is to burn; implying the burning zeal, dazzling brightness (2 Melekiym/2 Ki 2:11; 2 Melekiym 6:17; Yechizki`Yah/Ezek. 1:13; Mat. 28:3) and serpent-like rapidity of the saraphiym in YaH`s service. Perhaps Satan?s form as a serpent (nachash) in his appearance to man has some connection with his original form as a saraph of light. The head of the serpent was the symbol of wisdom in Egypt (compare B`midbar 21:8; 2 Melekiym 18:4). The saraphiym, with six wings and one face, can hardly be identified with the cherubiym, which had four wings (in the heykal/temple only two) and four faces (Yechizki`Yah 1:5-12). (But compare Rev. 4:8). The ?face? and ?feet? imply a human form; something of a serpentine form (perhaps a basilisk?s head, as in the temples of Thebes) might have been mixed with it: so the cherub was compounded of various animal forms. However, saraph might come from a root meaning ?princely,? applied in Dan. 10:13 to Michael [Maurer]; just as cherub comes from a root (changing m into b), meaning ?noble.?

twain ? Two wings alone of the six were kept ready for instant flight in Elohiym?s service; two veiled their faces as unworthy to look on the kodesh EL, or pry into HIS secret counsels which they fulfilled (Shemoth/Exodus 3:6; Iyob/Yob 4:18; Yob 15:15); two covered their feet, or rather the whole of the lower parts of their persons - a practice usual in the presence of Eastern monarchs, in token of reverence (compare Yechizki`Yah 1:11, their bodies). Man?s service a fortiori consists in reverent waiting on, still more than in active service for, YaHVeH.

Page 58

Yeshayah: 6:3:  And one cried to another, and said, kadosh, kadosh, kadosh, is YaHVeH of hosts: the entire earth is full of HIS splendor.

Yeshayah: 6:4:  And the posts of the door moved at the voice of him that cried, and the house was filled with smoke.

Yeshayah: 6:5:  Then said I, Woe is me! For I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for my eyes have seen the Melek, ???? of hosts.


Yeshayah was not the only nabiy to see this vision of YaHVeH?s/???? throne. Yechizki`Yah and the chosen emissaries also saw similar visions. See Yechizki`Yah 1:4 ? 28; Mattith`Yah 17 and Revelation 4.

Yeshayah: 6:6:  Then flew one of the saraphiym to me, having a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar:

Yeshayah: 6:7:  And he laid it on my mouth, and said, look, this has touched your lips; and your iniquity is taken away, and your sin purged.


Did Yeshayah do anything himself to purge whatever transgression he had committed, no; ????/YaHVeH?s favor was on him. There was something in him that the ALMIGHTY liked. Yes, he was an observant believer, but he still needed to be purged.

04/13/6997* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [07/16/16]

Yeshayah: 6:8:  Also I heard the voice of the Rabbi, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here I; send me.

Yeshayah: 6:9:  And he said, Go, and tell this people, hear you all indeed, but understand not; and see you all indeed, but perceive not.

Yeshayah: 6:10:  Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed.


Our Rabbi Yahvshua/ ???????? quoted from this scripture:

{Mattith`Yah:  13:12:  For whosoever has, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever has not, from him shall be taken away even that he has.

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Mattith`Yah: 13:13:  Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.

Mattith`Yah:  13:14:  And in them is fulfilled the nebuah/foretelling of Yeshayah, which said, By hearing you all shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing you all shall see, and shall not perceive:

Mattith`Yah: 13:15:  For this people's heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.}                                          

Yeshayah: 6:11:  Then said I, Rabbi, how long? And he answered, until the cities are wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without adam, and the land is utterly desolate,

Yeshayah: 6:12: And ???? has removed adam, and there is a great forsaking in the midst of the land.

Yeshayah: 6:13:  But yet in it shall be a tenth, and it shall return, and shall be eaten: as a teil tree, and as an oak, whose substance is in them, when they cast their leaves: so the kodesh seed shall be the substance of it.


Verse 13 explains the continued desolation that the Promised Land has seen up to our time. The things the modern House of Yudah has done through technology is not the same green pastures and land flowing with milk and honey when the ancient Yisraeliym/Yisraelites were brought into after the exodus from Mitsrayim; and today it is neither the land flowing with milk and honey that Yahvshua the Mashiyach will bring when He returns in the clouds. If the land was not irrigated through wells and diversion of rivers the Promised Land would totally look like a dry desert. Why? Because ????/YaHVeH has cursed it because of disobedience; HE has not been sending rain in due season in the correct quantities. As a matter of fact this year the Land is seeing its worst drought in a long time. So, don?t be fooled or amazed by modern technology and apply this to ????`s barukah. 

04/20/6997* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [07/23/16]

Yeshayah: 7:1:  And it came to pass in the days of Achaz the ben of Yahvtham/Yatham, the ben of Uzziy`Yah, melek of Yahudah, that Rezin the king of Syria/Aram, and Pekach the ben of Remal`Yah/Remal`Yahu/Remalyah, melek of Yisrael, went up toward Yahvshalam to war against it, but could not prevail against it.


On the Extrapolated Time Line this most likely happened around 4249 FCA/731 BCE (2 Melekiym 16:1, 5; 2 Dibrey ha`Yamiym/2 Chr. 28:1; Yosephus Bk. 9 12:1). Uzziy`Yah is also known as Azaryah.

Page 60

Easton`s Scripture Dictionary 5th paragraph (edited):

FCA=From Creation of Adam, BCE=Before Common Era and T.T.L. = Traditional Time Line.

In 4219 FCA/761 BCE/ T.T.L. 738 BCE, in the reign of Menachem, melek of Yisrael, Pul invaded Yisrael (4229 FCA/751 BCE), and imposed on it a heavy tribute (2 Melekiym/2 Kings 15:19). Achaz, the melek of Yahudah, when engaged in a war against Yisrael and Aram/Syria, appealed for help to this Ashshuriy/Assyrian king by means of a present of gold and silver (2 Melekiym/2 Kings 16:8); who accordingly "marched against Dammesek/Damascus, defeated and put Rezin to death, and besieged the city itself." Leaving a portion of his army to continue the siege, "he advanced through the province east of Yarden/Jordan, spreading fire and sword," and became master of Pelesheth/Philistia, and took Shomeron/Samaria and Dammesek/Damascus. He died 4252 FCA/728 BCE/ T.T.L. 727 BCE, and was succeeded by Shalmanezer IV., who ruled till 4257 FCA/723 BCE/ T.T.L. 722 BCE.

Here we have again the House of Yisrael despising their brethren the House of Yahudah and this time going up against them in war with a Gentile Pagan king. No doubt at this point in history both Houses were steeped into idolatry, because Achaz of Yudah bribes Tiglath-Pileser III/Pul to go against Aram/Syria and then has the high/gadol kohen build an altar for him on the north side of the heykal, which is extremely blasphemous and idolatrous to EL SHADDAI (2 Melekiym 16:8 ? 20; Yirmiyah 3; Yeshayah 9:21). You need to remember that the House of Yisrael today is still around but hidden in plan sight from those that don?t have eyes to see with and ears to hear with, and are still steeped in idolatry in a counterfeit religion called Christianity. The same goes for the House of Yudah, who today most know as the ?Jewish State?, who are also still in idolatry/disobedience steeped in a counterfeit religion called ?Judaism?.

Now I believe that for the sake of fulfilling Kodesh Scripture, ???? is going to cause the modern day House of Yisrael/?MY hidden ones? and the modern day House of Yudah/?MY people?, the two sticks to become one as allies because of the ?Great Tribulation?/?Ya`akob`s Trouble?/World War III, BUT THEY WILL NOT KNOW IT/UNDERSTAND IT in that context, because neither still recognizes the others blood relationship (B`reshiyth/Gen. 42:8). They will know it when after they are freed from their captivity after the ?Great Tribulation? is over and the Mashiyach Yahvshua our Rabbi ends their bondage (Yeshayah 11; Yeckizki`Yah 37:15 ? 18).

The names have changed but the enemies of the children of Yisrael remain the same. The seat of Satan the place that he dwells is what today is known as modern day Turkey. Ankara is its capital, but anciently the capital was Constantinople, where Constant I moved the eastern half of the Roman Empire to. Through the resurrection of the Roman Empire under an Islamic influence, it will ally with ten Islamic nations causing the ten horns to be mounted on the Beast (Rev. 13; 17).  

Yeshayah: 7:2:  And it was told the House of David, saying, Aram/Syria is confederate with Ephrayim. And his heart was moved, and the heart of his people, as the trees of the wood are moved with the wind.

Yeshayah: 7:3:  Then said ???? to Yeshayah, Go out now to meet Achaz, you, and Shearyashub your ben, at the end of the conduit of the upper pool in the highway of the kabas/washing/trampling/fuller's field;

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Yeshayah: 7:2:  And it was told the House of David, saying, Aram/Syria is confederate with Ephrayim. And his heart was moved, and the heart of his people, as the trees of the wood are moved with the wind.

Yeshayah: 7:3:  Then said ???? to Yeshayah, Go out now to meet Achaz, you, and Shearyashub your ben, at the end of the conduit of the upper pool in the highway of the kabas/washing/trampling/fuller's field;


From E-sword Strong?s Iybriy/Hebrew concordance:





A primitive root; to trample; hence to wash (properly by stamping with the feet), whether literally (including the fulling process) or figuratively: - fuller, wash (-ing).

Yeshayah: 7:4:  And say to him, Take heed, and be quiet; fear not, neither be fainthearted for the two tails of these smoking firebrands, for the fierce anger of Rezin with Aram, and of the ben of Remalyah.

Yeshayah: 7:5:  Because Aram, Ephrayim, and the ben of Remalyah, have taken evil council against you, saying,

Yeshayah: 7:6:  Let us go up against Yahudah, and trim it, and let us make a breach in it for us, and set a king in the midst of it, even the ben of Tabel:


In other words verse 6 is saying the House of Yisrael and the king of Aram were going to go to Yahvshalam and prevent Achaz from ruling by trimming the top off and installing their puppet king Tabel.

Yeshayah: 7:7:  Thus said the Rabbi ????, It shall not stand; neither shall it come to pass.

Yeshayah: 7:8:  For the head of Aram is Dammesek/Damascus and the head of Dammesek is Rezin; and within sixty five years shall Ephrayim be broken, that it be not a people.


I believe the 65 year count began in 4196 FCA/784 BCE when Yeshayah first began to receive visions from the Word of ???? (Yeshayah 1:1), and the 65 years was completed in 4261 FCA/719 BCE when Shalmaneser V captures Shomeron and removes the children of Yisrael from the land and takes them to Assyria (2 Melekiym17:5-6; Yosephus Bk. 9 14:1).

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From Easton`s Scripture Dictionary 6th paragraph (edited):

FCA=From Creation of Adam, BCE=Before Common Era and T.T.L. = Traditional Time Line.

He also invaded Aram/Syria (2 Melekiym/2 Kings 17:5), but was deposed in favor of Sargon (q.v.) the Tartan, or commander-in-chief of the army, who took Shomeron/Samaria (q.v.) after a siege of three years, and so put an end to the kingdom of Yisrael, carrying the people away into captivity, 4261 FCA/719 BCE/T.T.L. 722 BCE (2 Melekiym/2 Kings 17:1-6, 24; 18:7, 9). He also overran the land of Yahudah, and took the city of Yahvshalam (Yeshayah/Isa. 10:6, 12, 22, 24, 34).              

Yeshayah: 7:9:  And the head of Ephrayim is Shomeron, and the head of Shomeron is Remalyah`s ben. If you all will not believe, surely you shall not be established.


In verse 9 Yeshayah is telling Achaz and Shearyashub that if you don?t put your trust in the Word of ???? they will not be established as melek and nabiy.       

Yeshayah: 7:10:  Moreover ???? spoke again to Achaz, saying,

Yeshayah: 7:11:  Ask you a sign of ???? your Elohiym; ask it either in the depth, or in the height above.

Yeshayah: 7:12:  But Achaz said, I will not ask, neither will I tempt ????.

Yeshayah: 7:13:  And he said, hear you al now, O House of David; Is it a small thing for you to weary men, but will you weary my Elohiym also?

Yeshayah: 7:14:  Therefore the Rabbi Himself shall give you a sign; Observe, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a Ben, and shall call His name Immanuel.


Here is the reason why so many cannot understand verse 14; the verse is like a parable and really has nothing to do with the events that were going to take at the time it was given. It was to establish through which branch of the bloodline of the House of David that the Mashiyach was going to come through.

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04/27/6997* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [07/30/16]

 From E-Sword Strong`s Hebrew Concordance (edited):





Feminine of H5958; a lass (as veiled or private): - damsel, maid, virgin.





From H5973 and H410 with suffix pronoun inserted; with us (is) El; Immanuel, a name of Yeshayah`s ben: - Immanuel.

Yeshayah: 7:15:  Butter and honey shall he eat, that he know to refuse evil, and choose wellness.

Yeshayah: 7:16:  For before the child shall know to refuse evil, and choose wellness, the land that you abhor shall be forsaken of both melekiym.


What also confuses people into properly understanding what was given to the nebiyiym to write down is when the Word of YaHVeH/???? gives the message, He is speaking in present time, the time it was given in and for the time ahead. Remember the Word of ???? set up this message given in Yeshayah chapter 7 with the message He gave the nabiy Yeshayah in chapter 6, especially verse 9 and 10.

In verse 16 it says both melekiym will be forsaken and they were. First Hoshea melek of the House of  Yisrael after nine years was forced to submit king Shalmaneser V of Ashshur/Assyria and all the children of Yisrael were carried off captive to Ashshur (4261 FCA/719 BCE), except the remnant that stayed with the House of Yahudah (1 Melekiym 12:23). Then eventually the Zidkiyah melek of the House of Yahudah had his eyes put out and was carried off captive by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II in 4394 FCA/586 BCE, along with the rest of the ruling class. But Yirmiyah, who represents the Body of Yahvshua was allowed to stay (Yir. 40:1 ? 5).

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{Luke: 1:26: And in the sixth Chodesh the malak Gabriyel was sent from EL to a city of Galiylah/Galilee, named Nazareth,

Luke: 1:27: To a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Yoseph, of the house of David; and the virgin's name was Miryam.

Luke: 1:28: And the malak came in to her, and said, Hail, you that are highly favored, YaHVeH/???? is with you: baruk are you among women.

Luke: 1:29: And when she saw him, she was troubled at his saying, and cast in her mind what manner of salutation this should be.

Luke: 1:30:  And the malak said to her, Fear not, Miryam: for you have found favor with EL.

Luke: 1:31:  And, observe, you shall conceive in your womb, and bring forth a Ben, and shall call His name Yahvshua/????????/Yahvsha/ ??????.

Luke: 1:32:  He shall be great, and shall be called the Ben of the Highest: and the Rabbi YaHViH/???? shall give to Him the throne of His father David:

Luke: 1:33:  And he shall reign over the house of Ya`akob/Yacob for ever; and of His kingdom there shall be no end.

Luke: 1:34:  Then said Miryam to the malak, How shall this come, seeing I know not a man?

Luke: 1:35:  And the malak answered and said to her, Ruach ha`Kodesh shall come on you, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow you: therefore also that Kodesh  which shall be born of you shall be called the Ben of EL.

Luke: 1:36:  And, observe, your cousin Elisabeth, she has also conceived a ben in her old age: and this is the sixth Chodesh with her, who was called barren.

Luke: 1:37:  For with YaHVeH/???? nothing shall be impossible.}

 05/05/6997* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [08/06/16]

Yeshayah: 7:17: ???? shall bring upon you, and upon your people, and upon your father's house, days that have not come, from the day that Ephrayim departed from Yahudah; even the king of Ashshur/Assyria.


Ephrayim/House/Ten Tribes of Yisrael ?departed? from the House of Yahudah in 4014 FCA/966 BCE 380 years before the first Heykal was destroyed (1 Melekiym 12:15-16; Yosephus Bk. 8 8:3).

Yeshayah: 7:18:  And it shall come to pass in that day, that ???? shall hiss for the fly that is in the uttermost part of the rivers of Mitsrayim, and for the bee that is in the land of Ashshur.

Yeshayah: 7:19:  And they shall come, and shall rest all of them in the desolate valleys, and in the holes of the rocks, and on all thorns, and on all bushes.

Yeshayah: 7:20:  In the same day shall the Rabbi shave with a razor that is hired, namely, by them beyond the river, by the king of Ashshur, the head, and the hair of the feet: and it shall also consume the beard.

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Yeshayah: 7:21:  And it shall come to pass in that day, that a man/iysh shall nourish a young cow, and two sheep;

Yeshayah: 7:22:  And it shall come to pass, for the abundance of milk that they shall give butter to eat: for butter and honey shall every one eat that is left in the land.


I eliminated ?give he shall eat butter? to ?give butter to eat?; the way it was worded is confusing. It could read ?give eat butter? because that was how it was given in the Iybriy; except it would say ?asah akal chemah?.  Now if you were reading this in the Iybriy, I believe it is very important to leave it as it is, because I believe there is a code in it and that?s why it was so very important for the kohen scribes to write it down exactly as it was given word for word, except you would only be able to understand it properly if you believed in Yahvshua/???????? /Yahvsha/??????. The translations of the scriptures we read in English have words added in it to make the sentence make sense, and some times the wrong English word is used to translate the Iybriy word. So we do have to study and research these things out.

Milk, butter and honey are phrases used to reveal the abundance the land is producing. So you see here the Word of ???? is promising to those that are left in the land after the invasion of the Ashshuriym that their going to have abundance.     

Yeshayah: 7:23:  And it shall come to pass in that day, that every place shall be, where there were a thousand vines at a thousand silverlings, it shall even be for briers and thorns.


Verse 23 is revealing the contrast of the land before the Ashshuriym invaded and what it will be like after they invade.

Yeshayah: 7:24:  With arrows and with bows shall men come there; because all the land shall become briers and thorns.

Yeshayah: 7:25:  And on all hills that shall be turned over with the hoe, there shall not any go there due to fear of briers and thorns: but it shall be for the grazing of oxen, and for the treading of small cattle.


Verse 25 was way to confusing the way it was worded to properly understand, so I changed the wording so it would make sense. Originally it was written like this:

{Isaiah: 7:25:  And on all hills that shall be digged with the mattock, there shall not come thither the fear of briers and thorns: but it shall be for the sending forth of oxen, and for the treading of lesser cattle.}

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05/19/6997* 7th day of the week/Shabbat [08/20/16]

Yeshayah/Isaiah: 8:1:  Moreover ???? said to me, Take you a great roll, and write in it with an enosh pen concerning Maher-shalal-chash-baz.

From E-Sword Strong?s Hebrew Concordance (edited):


??? ???? ??? ???

mahe?r sha?la?l cha?sh baz

Mah-hare' shaw-lawl' khawsh baz

From H4118 and H7998 and H2363 and H957; hasting (as he (the enemy) to the) booty, swift (to the) prey; Maher-Shalal Chash-Baz; the symbolical name of the ben of Yeshayah: - Maher-shalal-hash-baz.

Yeshayah: 8:2:  And I took to me trustful/aman witnesses to record, Uri`Yah the kohen, and Zechar`Yah the ben of Yeb-e-rech-yah.


Uri`Yah means: Flame of Yah

Zechar`Yah means: Yah has remembered

Yeberechyah means: Baruk/Barak/Prospered of Yah

Yeshayah: 8:3:  And I went to the nebiyah/female foreteller; and she conceived, and bares a ben; then said ???? to me, Call his name Mahershalalchashbaz.

Yeshayah: 8:4:  For before the child shall have knowledge to cry, my father, and my mother, the riches of Dammesek and the spoil of Shomeron shall be taken away before the king of Ashshur.


Now this message was very personal to Yeshayah because the Word of ???? is telling him that his parents are going to be carried away captive to Ashshur/Assyria.        

Yeshayah: 8:5:  ???? spoke also to me again, saying,

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Yeshayah: 8:6:  Forasmuch as this people refuses the waters of Shiloach that go softly, and rejoice in Rezin and Remalyah?s ben;

From Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Commentary on Yeshayah 8:6 (edited):

Waters of Shiloah ... softly ? their source is on the southeast of Ziyon and east of Yahvshalam. It means ?sent,? the water being sent through an aqueduct (Yahn/Yohn 9:7). Figurative for the mild, though now weak, sway of the house of David; in the highest sense Shiloah expresses the benignant sway of YaHVeH in the theocracy, administered through David. Contrast to the violent Euphrates, ?the river? that typifies Assyria/Ashshur (Yeshayah 8:7; Rev 17:15). ?This people? refers both to Yisrael, which preferred an alliance with Rezin of Syria/Aram to one with the melekiym of Yahudah, and to Yahudah, a party in which seems to have favored the pretensions of the ben of Tabeal against David?s line (Yeshayah 7:6); also to Yahudah?s desire to seek an Assyrian alliance is included in the censure (compare Yeshayah 7:17). Yeshayah 8:14 shows that both nations are meant; both alike rejected the divine Shiloah. Not ?My people,? as elsewhere, when Elohiym expresses favor, but ?this people? (Yeshayah 6:9).


I agree with the understanding of Jamieson-Fausset-Brown commentary on this verse.

05/26/6997* 7th day of the week/Shabbat [08/27/16]

Yeshayah: 8:7:  Now therefore, observe, the Rabbi brings up upon them the waters of the river, strong and many, even the king of Ashshur, and all his weight: and he shall come up over all his channels, and go over all his banks:


Notice it?s the king of Ashshur; he is located in the east of the Garden of Eden. What did the Word of YaHVeH do after Adam and Chavvah/Eve were banished from the Garden?

{B`reshiyth/Genesis: 3:24:  So HE drove out Adam; and HE placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubiym, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way of the tree of life.}

Read article:

74) The Flaming Sword

Page 68


It is no coincidence that USA and UK are battling in this area of the world now. Read article:

66) UK & USA are the Shepherd Tribes of the House of Yisrael

Also listen to Podcast:

The Connection of the Prodigal Son and the Events of Today

06/10/6997* [5776] 7th day of week/Shabbat [09/10/16]

Yeshayah: 8:8:  And he shall pass through Yahudah; he shall overflow and go over, he shall reach even to the neck; and the stretching out of his wings shall fill the breadth of your land, O Immanuel.


The Ashshuriym/Assyrian army will pass through the Land of Yahudah and flood it with military troops to almost drowning. Because of Yahvshalayim`s hilly terrain the head stays above water and is not captured. Notice that the land of Yahudah is referred to as Yahvshua the Mashiyach?s land by saying ?and the stretching out of his wings shall fill the breadth of your land, O Immanuel.?  Again this is another conformation of our Rabbi Yahvshua`s connection with the tribe of Yahudah. 

See Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Commentary for reference.

Yeshayah: 8:9:  Be crushed, O you people, and you all shall be broken in pieces; and give ear, all you of far countries: gird yourselves, and you all shall be broken in pieces; gird yourselves, and you all shall be broken in pieces.

Yeshayah: 8:10:  Take council together, and it shall come to nothing; speak the word, and it shall not stand: for EL is with us.

Yeshayah: 8:11:  For ???? spoke thus to me with a strong Hand, and instructed me that I should not walk in the way of this people, saying,

Yeshayah: 8:12:  Say not, a conspiracy, to all them to whom this people shall say, A conspiracy; neither fear you their fear, nor be afraid.

Yeshayah: 8:13:  Purify ???? of hosts; and let HIM be your fear, and let HIM be your dread.

Yeshayah: 8:14:  Ha`Yah ?` ??  for a mikdash; but for a stone of stumbling and for a rock of offence to both the houses of Yisrael, for a snare and for a trap to the inhabitants of Yahvshalam.

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06/17/6997* [5776] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [09/17/16]


As you can see verse 14 reveals the name Mosheh received from the Word of YaHVeH to tell the children of Yisrael is hidden in this verse. It?s hidden because of being transliterated into English; in the Iybriy it would be evident. See Shemoth/Exodus 3:14. This was the same our Rabbi Yahvshua used when He spoke to the Yudiy authorities coming to arrest Him before He was hung on the stake:

{Yahn/Yahvchanan: 18:4: Yahvshua/???????? therefore, knowing all things that should come upon Him, went forth, and said to them, whom seek you?

Yahn: 18:5:  They answered Him, ???????? of Nazareth. ???????? said to them, I am/?` ??/Ha`Yah He. And Yudah also, which betrayed Him, stood with them.

Yahn: 18:6: As soon then as He had said to them, I am/?` ??/Ha`Yah He, they went backward, and fell to the ground.}

The stone of stumbling is Yahvshua, who requires obedience to Torah and YaHVeH the FATHER requires the worship of HIMSELF through Yahvshua, which the House of Yisrael is steeped in Christian doctrine, which reject the Torah. Yahvshalam, which today is occupied by the children of the House of Yudah, reject Yahvshua the Mashiyach still. They rejected Him when he came the first time and those in authority still reject Him today.

Yeshayah: 8:15:  And many among them shall stumble, and fall, and be broken, and be snared, and be taken.

Yeshayah: 8:16:  Bind up the testimony/te`udah, seal the Torah among MY limmudiym/taught ones.


Verse 16 is foretelling of those, who will stay obedient to YaHVeH?s Torah including Yahvshua the Messi`Yah and His limmudiym, who teach it to the Body of Yahvshua.

Yeshayah: 8:17:  Wait on ???? that hides HIS Face from the house of Ya?akob, and watch.

Yeshayah: 8:18:  Observe, I am the child whom ???? has given for signs and for wonders in Yisrael from ???? of hosts, which dwells in mount Ziyon.

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Verse 18 is a parable verse and has a hidden message in it and it is concerning the Mashiyach. It would have told Yeshayah and his limmudiym about when the Messi`Yah would be coming on the scene. It would be some time after the devastation and captivity of the House of Yahudah. Now whether Yeshayah foresaw it would be some 580 years later (1st Heykal was destroyed in 4394 FCA and Yahvshua our Rabbi was born around 4974 FCA) that Messi`Yah Yahvshua would be born I don?t know.

Yeshayah: 8:19:  And when they shall say to you, Seek to them that have familiar spirits, and to wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek to their Elohiym; should the living seek to the dead?


This is what melek Shaul did when the Word of YaHVeH stopped communicating with him because of his disobedience; he started going to people with ?familiar spirits? to talk to Shemuel. See 1 Shemuel 28. Today you see more and more of this ritual being done on Television; where somebody goes to a home either to give a reading of some dead relative or the house is haunted. In a lot of cases activity starts happening in the home because somebody in the home is playing with a spirit board or delving into witchcraft, which is part of satanic worship.  

Yeshayah: 8:20: To the Torah and to the testimony/te`udah: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no Light in them.


Verse 20 answers verse 19 and also points to Yahvshua and limmudiym/emissaries. Who is the light? Read all of Yahn chapter 1:

{Yahvchanan/Yahn/Yohn: 1:5:  And the Light shines in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

Yahn/Yohn: 1:17: for the Torah was given by Mosheh, but favor and Truth came by Yahvshua/???????? Mashiyach.}

So Torah and Light cannot be separated. If you deny Torah you deny Yahvshua. If you deny Yahvshua you deny Torah, which in turn means there is no Light in you. So verse 20 is also saying about verse 19 is that those, who practice such things are in darkness and dead.

Yeshayah: 8:21:  And they shall pass through it, pushed and hungry: and it shall come to pass, that when they are hungry, they shall trouble themselves, and curse their melek and their Elohiym, and look upward.

Page 71

Yeshayah: 8:22:  And they shall look to the earth; and observe tribulation, darkness, cloudiness, agony; and they shall be banished to concealment.


Verses 20 and 21 are revealing that this is a people who cannot and will not admit that they were wrong and in disobedience to YaHVeH, they will not repent.

Yeshayah: 8:6:  Forasmuch as this people refuses the waters of Shiloach that go softly, and rejoice in Rezin and Remalyah?s ben;


From Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Commentary on Yeshayah 8:6 (edited):


Waters of Shiloah ... softly ? their source is on the southeast of Ziyon and east of Yahvshalam. It means ?sent,? the water being sent through an aqueduct (Yahn/Yohn 9:7). Figurative for the mild, though now weak, sway of the house of David; in the highest sense Shiloah expresses the benignant sway of YaHVeH in the theocracy, administered through David. Contrast to the violent Euphrates, ?the river? that typifies Assyria/Ashshur (Yeshayah 8:7; Rev 17:15). ?This people? refers both to Yisrael, which preferred an alliance with Rezin of Syria/Aram to one with the melekiym of Yahudah, and to Yahudah, a party in which seems to have favored the pretentions of the ben of Tabeal against David?s line (Yeshayah 7:6); also to Yahudah?s desire to seek an Assyrian alliance is included in the censure (compare Yeshayah 7:17). Yeshayah 8:14 shows that both nations are meant; both alike rejected the divine Shiloah. Not ?My people,? as elsewhere, when Elohiym expresses favor, but ?this people? (Yeshayah 6:9).




I agree with the understanding of Jamieson-Fausset-Brown commentary on this verse.


05/26/6997* 7th day of the week/Shabbat [08/27/16]


Yeshayah: 8:7:  Now therefore, observe, the Rabbi brings up upon them the waters of the river, strong and many, even the king of Ashshur, and all his weight: and he shall come up over all his channels, and go over all his banks:




Notice it?s the king of Ashshur; he is located in the east of the Garden of Eden. What did the Word of YaHVeH do after Adam and Chavvah/Eve were banished from the Garden?


{B`reshiyth/Genesis: 3:24:  So HE drove out Adam; and HE placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubiym, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way of the tree of life.}


Read article:

It is no coincidence that USA and UK are battling in this area of the world now. Read article:


Also listen to Podcast:


06/10/6997* [5776] 7th day of week/Shabbat [09/10/16]


Yeshayah: 8:8:  And he shall pass through Yahudah; he shall overflow and go over, he shall reach even to the neck; and the stretching out of his wings shall fill the breadth of your land, O Immanuel.




The Ashshuriym/Assyrian army will pass through the Land of Yahudah and flood it with military troops to almost drowning. Because of Yahvshalayim?s hilly terrain the head stays above water and is not captured. Notice that the land of Yahudah is referred to as Yahvshua the Mashiyach?s land by saying ?and the stretching out of his wings shall fill the breadth of your land, O Immanuel.?  Again this is another conformation of our Rabbi Yahvshua?s connection with the tribe of Yahudah. 


See Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Commentary for reference.


Yeshayah: 8:9:  Be crushed, O you people, and you all shall be broken in pieces; and give ear, all you of far countries: gird yourselves, and you all shall be broken in pieces; gird yourselves, and you all shall be broken in pieces.

Yeshayah: 8:10:  Take council together, and it shall come to nothing; speak the word, and it shall not stand: for EL is with us.

Yeshayah: 8:11:  For HWHY spoke thus to me with a strong Hand, and instructed me that I should not walk in the way of this people, saying,

Yeshayah: 8:12:  Say not, a conspiracy, to all them to whom this people shall say, A conspiracy; neither fear you their fear, nor be afraid.

Yeshayah: 8:13:  Purify HWHY of hosts; and let HIM be your fear, and let HIM be your dread.

Yeshayah: 8:14:  Ha`Yah/HYH for a mikdash; but for a stone of stumbling and for a rock of offence to both the houses of Yisrael, for a snare and for a trap to the inhabitants of Yahvshalam.

07/01/6997* [5777] 7th day of the week/Shabbat & Zikron Teruah [10/01/16]


Yeshayah: 9:1:  Nevertheless the dimness shall not be such as was in her vexation, when at the first he lightly afflicted the land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtaliy, and afterward did more grievously afflict her by the way of the sea, beyond Yarden/Jordon, in Galiylah/Galilee of the nations.

Yeshayah:  9:2:  The people that walked in darkness have seen a great Light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them has the Light shined.




Okay, so who is the Light?


{Yahvchanan/Yahn/Yohn: 1:1: in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Elohiym, and the Word was Elohiym.

Yahn: 1:2:  The same was in the beginning with Elohiym.

Yahn:  1:3:  All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made.

Yahn: 1:4: In Him was life; and the life was the Light of men.

Yahvchanan/Yahn/Yohn: 1:5:  And the Light shines in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

Yahn: 1:6:  There was a man sent from YaH, whose name was Yahvhanan.

Yahn: 1:7:  The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light that all men through Him might believe.

Yahn: 1:8:  He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light.

Yahn: 1:9: That was the true Light, which lights every man that comes into the world.

Yahn: 1:10:  He was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not.

Yahn: 1:11:  He came to His own, and His own received Him not.

Yahn: 1:12:  But as many as received him, to them gave He power to become the benniym of YaHVeH/יהוה, even to them that believe on HIS name:

Yahn: 1:13:  Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of Elohiym.

Yahn: 1:14:  And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld His splendor, the splendor as of the only begotten of the ABBIY,) full of Favor and Truth.

Yahn: 1:15:  Yahn bare witness of Him, and cried, saying, this was He of whom I spoke, He that comes after me is preferred before me: for He was before me.

Yahn: 1:16:  And of His fullness have all we received, and favor for favor.

Yahn/Yohn: 1:17:  For the Torah was given by Mosheh, but favor and Truth came by Yahvshua/יהושׁוּע/Yahvsha/יהושׁע  Mashiyach.

Yahn: 1:18:  No man has seen יהוה at any time; the only begotten Ben, who is in the bosom of the AB, He has declared HIM.

Yahn: 1:19:  And this is the record of Yahn, when the Yudiym sent koheniym and Leviyiym from Yahvshalam to ask him, who are you?

Yahn: 1:20:  And he confessed, and denied not; but confessed, I am not the Mashiyach.

Yahn: 1:21: And they asked him, What then? Are you Eliy'Yah? And he said; I am not. Are you that nabiy? And he answered, No.

Yahn: 1:22:  Then said they to him, who are you? That we give an answer to them that sent us. What say you of yourself?

Yahn: 1:23:  He said, I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Make straight the way of יהוה, as said the nabiy Yeshayah.

Yahn: 1:24:  And they which were sent were of the Pharisees.

Yahn: 1:25:  And they asked him, and said to him, why immerse you then, if you be not that Mashiyach, nor Eliyah, neither that nabiy?

Yahn: 1:26:  Yahn answered them, saying, I immerse with water: but there stands One among you, whom you know not;

Yahn: 1:27: He it is, whose coming after me is preferred before me, whose shoe's latch I am not worthy to unloose.

Yahn: 1:28: These things were done in Bayith-Abarah/Bethabara beyond Yarden, where Yahn was immersing

Yahvchanan/Yahn/Yohn: 1:29: the next day Yahn sees Yahvshua/ יהושׁוּע/Yahvsha/יהושׁע coming to him, and said, Behold the Lamb of YaHVeH, which takes away the sin of the world}


Here you go, another hidden reference in Yeshayah 9:1-2 of our Rabbi Yahvshua ha`Mashiyach and where He would be dwelling. Remember you have to have eyes to see with and ears to hear with (Yeshayah 6:9-10).


Yeshayah: 9:3: You have multiplied the nation/goyiym, and not increased the joy: they joy before YOU according to the joy in harvest, and as men rejoice when they divide the spoil.




Of course verse 3 is talking about the invasion of the land of Yahudah during the 1st Heykal period when Babylon invaded but it is also speaking about events pass that time as well. It also includes the 2nd Heykal period and our time.


Yeshayah: 9:4: For YOU have broken the yoke of his burden, and the staff of his shoulder, the rod of his oppressor, as in the day of Midyan/Midian.




See B`midbar/Numbers Chapter 22 – 24; 31 for reference to Midyan in verses 4. This verse is also speaking about the eventual deliverance that YaHVeH’s Right Hand Yahvshua the Messi`Yah will bring as well.


07/10/6997* [5777] 2nd day of the week/Yom Kippur [10/10/16]


Yeshayah: 9:5:  For every battle of the warrior is with confused noise, and garments rolled in blood; but this shall be with burning and fuel of fire.




Verse 5 is speaking about the horror that will be seen when the land of Yahudah is invaded, but the end of the verse it says “…this shall be with burning and fuel of fire.”

I know they used fire in war in ancient times. They used flaming arrows, catapulted tar fire balls and flaming oil. But those weapons of war do not compare to the weapons of mass destruction we have today that can annihilate on life on the planet. Especially nuclear devices and the fire it creates. Thanks to ALMIGHTY YAH HE is not going to allow all life on HIS planet HE created to totally be destroyed:


{Mattith`Yah/Matthew: 24:22:  And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.}


07/15/6997* [5777] 7th day of the week/Chag Sukkah & Shabbat [10/15/16]

07/22/6997* [5777] 7th day of the week/Last Great Day & Shabbat [10/22/16]


Yeshayah: 9:6:  For unto us a child/yeled is born, unto us a Ben is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful/Pele’, Councilor/Ya`ats’, The Mighty/Gibbor El, The everlasting Ab, the Prince/Sar of Peace/Shalom.




From verse 6 we can now understand why our Rabbi Yahvshua told His limmudiym to not call any man on earth his father. Now, Messi’Yah was speaking in a religious context when He said this. He doesn’t mean you cannot call your biological or adoptive father by that title. Shaul never told the members of the Body of Yahvshua to call those that were older fathers. He told the members to think of them as your elder like a father. Yahvshua is speaking in a religious context in Mattith`Yah/Matthew 23, because He was addressing the scribes and Pharisees. It was the scribes and Pharisees, who liked to be called by these titles to receive praise from men (Yahn/Yohn 12:43).


Refer to the Messianic Writings: Mattith`Yahu, Mark, Luke and Yahvhanan/Yahn and their witness of our Rabbi Yahvshua Messi`Yah, because that is what these verses in Yeshayah is referring to.


Yeshayah: 9:7:  Of the increase of His government and shalom there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of YaHVeH/יהוהof hosts will perform this.

Yeshayah: 9:8: Rabbi sent word into Ya’akob, judge Yisrael.




I believe verse 8 should read the way I have written it. It is more of a negative message instead of a positive message the way the KJV has translated it. The Hebrew word used in this verse is “naphal”, and the KJV used “light”. Which when judging a situation you are putting a light on the subject, but I believe the translators of the KJV were trying to stay in the vein of verse 2 of chapter 9, which is speaking about the positive Light of instruction that Yahvshua would bring to those, who have eyes to see with and ears to hear with.


From Strong’s Concordance:






A primitive root; to fall, in a great variety of applications (intransitively or causatively, literally or figuratively): - be accepted, cast (down, self, [lots], out), cease, die, divide (by lot), (let) fail, (cause to, let, make, ready to) fall (away, down, -en, -ing), fell (-ing), fugitive, have [inheritance], inferior, be judged [by mistake for H6419], lay (along), (cause to) lie down, light (down), be (X hast) lost, lying, overthrow, overwhelm, perish, present (-ed, -ing), (make to) rot, slay, smite out, X surely, throw down.


As you can see from this definition it has a negative meaning and you will see in the very next verse why.


Yeshayah: 9:9:  And all the people shall know, even Ephrayim and the inhabitant of Shomeron/Samaria, that say in the pride and stoutness of heart,

Yeshayah: 9:10:  The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycamores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars.

Yeshayah: 9:11:  Therefore יהוה shall set up the adversaries of Rezin against him, and join his enemies together;

Yeshayah: 9:12:  The Syrians/Aramiym before, and the Pelishtiym/Philistines behind; and they shall devour Yisrael with open mouth. For all this HIS anger is not turned away, but HIS Hand is stretched out still.

Yeshayah: 9:13: Because the people turn not to Him that hits them, neither do they seek YaHVeH of hosts.

Yeshayah: 9:14: Therefore YaHVeH will cut off from Yisrael head and tail, branch and rush, in one day.



From Jamison-Fausset-Brown Commentary (edited):


Head and tail — proverbial for the highest and lowest (Dabariym/Deu 28:13; 28:44).


Branch and rush — another image for the same thought (Yeshayah 19:15). The branch is elevated on the top of the tree: the rush is coarse and low.


Strong’s Concordance the Iybriy word for “rush” is:










From the same as H98; a marshy pool (others from a different root, a kettle); by implication a rush (as growing there); collectively a rope of rushes: - bulrush, caldron, hook, rush.










From an unused root (meaning to collect as water); a marsh; hence a rush (as growing in swamps); hence a stockade of reeds: - pond, pool, standing [water].



Yeshayah: 9:15: The ancient and respectable, he is the head; and the prophet that teaches lies, he is the tail.




Of course verse 15 when speaking about the “prophet that teaches lies” is talking about Christianity and Judaism, who are promoting a counterfeit through use of pagan customs along with using the Babylonian Calendar in place of YaHVeH weekly 7th day Shabbat and HIS appointed annual times through the new Chodesh Calendar (Dan. 7:25). Using the Talmud and some sects teaching Kabbalism in place of YaHVeH’s Torah, which adds to the Torah, the ALMIGHTY forbids. Using blasphemous names, words and titles in place of YaHVeH’s name and HIS Ben Yahvshua such as (Rev. 13:11; 17:3, 5): “God”, “LORD”, “Jesus”, “Grace”, “hope”, “faith”, “Mercy”, “Sunday”, “Monday”, “Tuesday”, “Wednesday”, “Thursday”, “Friday”, “Saturday”, “January”, “February”, “March”, Tammuz” …etc.


Yes, the Governmental systems around the world are based on satanic pagan practices. The USA system of Government is based on the Babylonian, Greco-Roman system.


Yeshayah: 9:16: For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed.

Yeshayah: 9:17: Therefore the Rabbi shall have no joy in their young men; neither shall have compassion on their fatherless and widows: for every one is a hypocrite and an evildoer, and every mouth speaks folly. For all this HIS Anger is not turned away, but HIS Hand is stretched out still.

Yeshayah: 9:18:  For wickedness burns as the fire: it shall devour the briers and thorns, and shall kindle in the thickets of the forest, and they shall mount up like the lifting up of smoke.




If you think about the modern day weapons of war that mankind has developed today you can envision in your mind clearly what verse 18 is saying.


Yeshayah: 9:19:  Through the wrath of YaHVeH of hosts is the land darkened, and the people shall be as the fuel of the fire: no man shall spare his brother.




For those that don’t think the Elohiym of Yisrael doesn’t get angry and punish anymore verse 19 is clearly saying HE does.


Yeshayah: 9:20:  And he shall snatch on the right hand, and be hungry; and he shall eat on the left hand, and they shall not be satisfied: they shall eat every man the flesh of his own arm:

Yeshayah: 9:21:  Menashsheh, Ephrayim; and Ephrayim, Menashsheh: and they together shall be against Yahudah. For all this HIS Anger is not turned away, but HIS Hand is stretched out still.


08/07/6997* [5777] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [11/05/16]


Yeshayah/Isaiah: 10:1:  Woe to them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that stipulate perverseness which they have prescribed;

Yeshayah: 10:2:  To turn aside the needy from judgment, and to take away the right from the poor of MY people, that widows be their prey, and that they rob the fatherless!




Now only those in authority can do the things verse 1 and 2 are describing. It is those who have been placed in elected representation of the people and government that write and make laws. Supposedly for the peoples benefit, but in most cases it’s for the selfish greedy benefit of the politicians. Especially the situation we have going on in the USA today. Where the Clinton Foundation has taken bribes from foreign enemies and they have bought influence to make oppressive change in the government. I’m not just pointing a finger at Democrats; Republicans’ do the same thing from foreign lobbyist and big business corporations. They don’t represent the people; they end up representing the money that bought them!


But what the Clinton Foundation has done is far bigger then anything we have seen before in this country. Hillary Clinton had a private email server set up to allow her and those working for her to make treasonous deals with foreign enemies all for the purpose of concealing their criminal behavior. 


Yeshayah: 10:3:  And what will you all do in the day of visitation, and in the desolation which shall come from far? To whom will you all flee for help? And where will you all leave your respect?




This is what the Word of YaHVeH gave Yechizkiyah to write down concerning the House of Yisrael’s corruption and go along with verse 3:


{Yechizki`Yah/Ezekiel: 16:37: Observe, therefore I will gather all your lovers, with whom you have taken pleasure,  and all  them that you have loved, with all them that you have hated; I will even gather  them round about against you, and will discover your nakedness to them, that they see all your nakedness.}


Yeshayah: 10:4:  Without ME they shall bow down under as prisoners and they shall fall under the slain. For all this HIS anger is not turned away, but HIS Hand is stretched out still.


YaHVeH Uses Ashshur to Punish the House of Yisrael


Yeshayah: 10:5:  O Ashshur/Assyria, the rod of MY Anger, and the staff in their hand is MY indignation.




It is no coincidence that the UK and USA are still fighting in Iraq, which is the modern day name of the ancient location of Ashshur. Read articles:


08/21/6997* [5777] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [11/19/16]

09/05/6997* [5777] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [12/03/16]


Yeshayah: 10:6:  I will send him against a hypocritical nation, and against the people of MY wrath will I give him a charge, to take the spoil, and to take the prey, and to tread them down like the mire of the streets.

Yeshayah: 10:7:  Howbeit he does not intend so, neither does his heart think so; but it is in his heart to destroy and cut off nations not a few.




Verse 7 is a prime example of how YaHVeH uses Gentile leaders for HIS own purpose without them even knowing it. Also notice that YaHVeH is allowing other Gentile nations to be destroyed when it says “... and cut off nations not a few.” before eventually getting to HIS people to punish them.


Yeshayah: 10:8: For he said, are not my princes’ altogether kings?

Yeshayah: 10:9:  Is not Calno/Kalneh as Carchemish/Karkemiysh? Is not Hamath as Arpad? Is not Samaria/Shomeron as Damascus/Dammesek?




It was the Ashshuriym king Shalmaneser V, who captured Shomeron in 4261 FCA/719 BCE/T.T.L. 722 BCE and from verse 9 it looks like Shalmaneser is listing the order he captured these nations: Karkemiysh, Kalneh, Arpad, Hamath, Dammesek and Shomeron.


Yeshayah might have received this foretelling from the Word of YaHVeH in 4258 FCA when Shalmaneser V becomes king or 4257 FCA when Shalmaneser IV dies.


From Easton's Scriptural Dictionary 6th paragraph (edited):


FCA=From Creation of Adam, BCE=Before Common Era and T.T.L. = Traditional Time Line.


He also invaded Aram/Syria (2 Melekiym/2 Kings 17:5), but was deposed in favor of Sargon (q.v.) the Tartan, or commander-in-chief of the army, who took Shomeron/Samaria (q.v.) after a siege of three years, and so put an end to the kingdom of Yisrael, carrying the people away into captivity, 4261 FCA/719 BCE/T.T.L. 722 BCE (2 Melekiym/2 Kings 17:1-6, 24; 18:7, 9). He also overran the land of Yahudah, and took the city of Yahvshalam (Yashayah/Isa. 10:6, 12, 22, 24, 34).


Yeshayah: 10:10:  As my hand has found the kingdoms of the idols, and whose graven images did excel them of Yahvshalam and of Shomeron;

Yeshayah: 10:11:  Shall I not, as I have done to Shomeron and her idols, so do to Yahvshalam and her idols?




Now Shalmaneser V has crossed the line and going pass the bounds YaHVeH has allowed him. Now he wants to go after Yahvshalam, which the ALMIGHTY hasn’t given permission for him to do. The next verse will explain what our MIGHTY ONE will do to the king of Ashshur. 


Yeshayah: 10:12:  That’s why it shall come to pass, that when the Rabbi has performed His complete work on mount Ziyon Yahvshalam, I will punish the fruit of the stout heart of the king of Ashshur, and the tipharah/beauty of his arrogant looks.




In verse 12 I replace the KJV word “wherefore”, “Lord”, “whole”, “and on” between “Ziyon Yahvshalam” because it is not needed, “Assyria” with Ashshur to give the Hebrew word so to come from a Hebrew rooted perspective and “high” with arrogant, which describes the kings attitude more clearly for our time in my opinion.


I used the word “complete work” instead of “whole work” because in my opinion it gives the understanding that what was done anciently was not yet finished, and will not be completed until our time when our Rabbi Yahvshua/ יהושׁוּע returns in the clouds.


Yeshayah: 10:13:  For he said, by the strength of my hand I have done it, and by my wisdom; for I am prudent: and I have removed the bounds of the people, and have robbed their treasures, and I have put down the inhabitants like a valiant man:




From verse 13 you can see why I used the word “arrogant” in place of “high”. This man really is delusional and gives no credit to the ALMIGHTY at all for his great success. Another thing this man did was removed the boundaries of the nations, which YaHVeH set up HIMSELF:


{Dabariym/Deuteronomy: 32:8:  When the most HIGH divided to the nations their inheritance, when HE separated the benniym/sons of Adam, HE set the bounds of the people according to the number of the children of Yisrael.


Acts: 17:26:  And has made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation}


Do you see the spirit Shalmaneser V is displaying? It is that same evil spirit that was around at the tower of Babel when YaHVeH confused the languages. Shalmaneser is trying to remove the borders that the ALMIGHTY has already put in place. Does this sound familiar of what is going on today? Today we have globalist, who are being inspired by the UN, who are being influenced by Satan to remove all borders on the earth and just have one world government or “One World Order”/“New World Order”/NWO. This is one of the reasons the British people voted to exist/“Brexit” the EU and why the people in the USA voted Donald Trump in as the President elect. Right now the demon possessed people are fighting the legitimate election of Mr. Trump tooth and nail. That’s because Satan knows he has a short time.


The Satanically powered Yahless lawless immoral far left liberal reverse racist/race baiters university college educated academics communist fascist socialist DNC, some in the RNC NWO OWO Tower of Babel Greco-Roman UN EU beast of Revelation with Islamic ten horns no sovereign borders Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, Gorge Soros, Michel Moore type secret society globalist, are still hard at work trying to invert reality. They are denying that there is a world government plan to destroy sovereign borders of nations. Calling people who expose their conspiracy, "conspiracy theorist", which is just another way to demonize people who tell the Truth/Yahvshua and keep you silent. Don't be silent. Don't fall for their head games. Expose their unfruitful works of darkness. They want to steal your individual rights. They want to take away your freedom of speech, your ability as law abiding person to defend yourself and your family with a fire arm. They want to take away your ability to be self sufficient self sustaining (in obedience to YaHVeH). They want to take away your ability to own your own property. They want to take away your YaHVeH given authority as parents to rule over your children. WAKE UP AND BE ANGRY BUT SIN NOT!!!!


09/26/6997* [5777] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [12/24/16]


Yeshayah: 10:14: And my hand has found as a nest the riches of the people: and as one gathered eggs that are left, have I gathered all the earth; and there was none that moved the wing, or opened the mouth, or peeped.




Shalmaneser V just can’t get enough of himself. In verse 14 he continues to brag about himself and never gives the ALMIGHTY credit for his success.


Yeshayah: 10:15:  Shall the axe boast itself against HIM that chopped with it? Or shall the saw magnify itself against HIM that shakes’ it? As if the rod should shake itself against them that lift it up, or as if the staff should lift up itself, as if it were no wood.




In verse 15 the Word of YaHVeH address Shalmaneser V’s large ego.


Yeshayah: 10:16:  Therefore shall the Rabbi, YaHVeH of hosts, send among his fat ones leanness; and under his splendor he shall kindle a burning like the burning of a fire.




Verse 16 YaHVeH is going to punish Ashshuriy/Assyrian army with some type of plague that consumes their bodies. YaHVeH is not going to deal with the army of Ashshur until their desire turns toward Yahvshalam the capital of the House of Yahudah. See 2 Melekiym 19 and Yeshayah 37:36 – 38. It was Sennacherib king of Ashshur/Assyria, who received the promised destruction mentioned in these verses.                                         


Yeshayah: 10:17:  And the Light/Ore of Yisrael shall be for a fire, and his Kadosh for a flame: and it shall burn and devour his thorns and his briers in one day;

Yeshayah: 10:18:  And shall consume the splendor of his forest, and of his fruitful field, both life and body: and they shall be sick and decay.

Yeshayah: 10:19:  And the rest of the trees of his forest shall be few, so a child can describe them.


10/03/6997* [5777] 7th day of the week/Sabbath 12/31/16


Yeshayah: 10:20:  And it shall come to pass/ha`Yah in that day, that the remnant of Yisrael, and such as are escaped of the house of Ya’akob, shall no more again lean on him that hit them; but shall lean on YaHVeH, the Kadosh of Yisrael, in stability.

Yeshayah: 10:21:  The remnant shall return, the remnant of Ya’akob, to the mighty EL.

Yeshayah: 10:22: For though the people of Yisrael are as the sand of the sea, yet a remnant of them shall return: the consumption decreed shall overflow with righteousness.

Yeshayah: 10:23: For the Rabbi YaHViH of hosts shall make an end, even determined, in the midst of all the land.




Is not Yahvshalayim the center/midst of all the land of Yisrael?


Yeshayah: 10:24:  Therefore thus said the Rabbi YaHViH of hosts, O MY people that dwell in Ziyon, be not afraid of the Ashshuriym/Assyrian: he shall hit you with a rod, and shall lift up his staff against you, after the manner of Mitsrayim/Egypt.

Yeshayah: 10:25:  For yet very soon, the indignation shall cease, and MY Anger in their destruction.

Yeshayah: 10:26:  And YaHVeH of hosts shall stir up a scourge for him according to the slaughter of Midyan/Midian at the rock of Oreb: and as HIS rod was upon the sea, so shall HE lift it up after the manner of Mitsrayim.




Yeshayah verse 26 is referring to these scriptures:


{Shemoth/Exodus: 14:24:  And it came to pass, that in the morning watch YaHVeH looked to the host of the Mitsrayim/Egyptians through the pillar of fire and of the cloud, and troubled the host of the Mitsriy/Egyptians,

Shemoth: 14:25:  And took off their chariot wheels, that they drove them heavily: so that the Mitsrayim said, Let us flee from the face of Yisrael; for YaHVeH fights for them against the Mitsrayim.

Shemoth: 14:26:  And YaHVeH said to Mosheh, Stretch out your hand over the sea, that the waters come again on the Mitsrayim, on their chariots, and on their horsemen.

Shemoth: 14:27:  And Mosheh stretched forth his hand over the sea, and the sea returned to his strength when the morning appeared; and the Mitsrayim fled against it; and YaHVeH overthrew the Mitsrayim in the midst of the sea.

Shemoth: 14:28:  And the waters returned, and covered the chariots, and the horsemen, and all the host of Paroh/Pharaoh that came into the sea after them; there remained not so much as one of them.

Shemoth: 14:29:  But the children of Yisrael walked on dry land in the midst of the sea; and the waters were a wall to them on their right hand, and on their left.

Shemoth: 14:30:  Thus YaHVeH saved Yisrael that day out of the hand of the Mitsrayim; and Yisrael saw the Mitsrayim dead on the sea shore.

Shemoth: 14:31:  And Yisrael saw that great work which YaHVeH did on the Mitsrayim: and the people feared YaHVeH, and believed YaHVeH, and his servant Mosheh.



Shophetiym/Judges: 7:25:  And they took two sariym/princes of the Midyaniym, Oreb and Zeeb; and they killed Oreb on the rock Oreb, and Zeeb they executed at the wine-press of Zeeb, and pursued Midyan, and brought the heads of Oreb and Zeeb to Gidon on the other side Yarden.}


03/10/6998* [5777] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [06/03/17]




Anciently the nation of Ashshur scourged the House of Yisrael and Babylon scourged the House of Yahudah. Today that scourge will be coming from the beast of Revelation 13, which combines all the ancient and modern day enemies of the children of Yisrael; and you can see it more now with the EU making unelected (dictatorial) governmental policies for member nations a long with the Islamic invasion of Europe and Erdogan the President/dictator of Turkey making more and more threatening demands to the EU for EU membership.


Yeshayah: 10:27:  And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off your shoulder, and his yoke from off your neck and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.

Yeshayah: 10:28:  He is come to Ayath; he is passed to Migron; at Michmash he has laid up his carriages:




Ayath was located to the north of Benyamin's territory, which is close to Yahvshalam.


Migron means precipice and was located between Ayath and Michmash.


From Easton’s Scriptural Dictionary (edited):


Topic: Michmash


Something hidden, a town of Benyamin (Ezr 2:27), east of Beythel and south of Migron, on the road to Yahvshalam (Yeshayah/Isa 10:28). It lay on the line of march of an invading army from the north, on the north side of the steep and precipitous Wady es-Suweinit (“valley of the little thorn-tree” or “the acacia”), and now bears the name of Mukhmas. This wady is called “the passage of Michmash” (1Sa 13:23). Immediately facing Mukhmas, on the opposite side of the ravine, is the modern representative of Geba, and behind this again are Ramah and Gibah.

This was the scene of a great battle fought between the army of Shaul and the Pelishtiym/Philistines, who were utterly routed and pursued for some 16 miles towards Pelishtiy/Philistia as far as the valley of Aiyalon. “The freedom of Benyamin secured at Michmash led through long years of conflict to the freedom of all its kindred tribes.” The power of Benyamin and its melek now steadily increased. A new attitude and a new expectation were now at work in Yisrael. (See SAUL.)


Yeshayah: 10:29:  They are gone over the passage: they have taken up their lodging at Geba; Ramah is afraid; Gibah of Shaul is fled.


From Easton’s Scriptural Dictionary (edited):


Topic: Geba [N] [H] [S]

the hill, (2 Shemuel/2 Samuel 5:25 [1 Dibrey Ha’Yamiym/1 Chronicles 14:16 , "Gibon"]; 2 Kings 23:8 ; Nehemiah 11:31 ), a Leviy city of Benyamin (1Melekiym/1 Kings 15:22 ; 1 Shemuel/1 Samuel 13:16 ; 14:5 , wrongly "Gibah" in the A.V.), on the north border of Yahudah near Gibah (Yeshayah/Isaiah 10:29 ; Yahvshua 18:24 Yahvshua 18:28 ). "From Geba to Beersheba" expressed the whole extent of the kingdom of Yahudah, just as "from Dan to Beersheba" described the whole length of Pelesheth/Palestine ( 2 Melekiym 23:8 ). It has been identified with Gaba ( Yahvshua 18:24 ; Ezra 2:26 ; Nechemyah 7:30 ), now Yeb'a, about 5 1/2 miles north of Yahvshalam.

Topic: Gibeah/Gibah [N] [H] [S]

A hill or hill-town, "of Benyamin" ( 1 Shemuel 13:15 ), better known as "Gibah of Shaul" ( 1 Shemuel 11:4 ; Yeshayah 10:29 ). It was here that the terrible outrage was committed on the Leviy's concubine which led to the almost utter extirpation of the tribe of Benyamin (Shophetiym/Judg. 19; 20), only six hundred men surviving after a succession of disastrous battles. This was the birthplace of Shaul, and continued to be his residence after he became melek ( 1 Shemuel 10:26 ; 11:4 ; 15:34 ). It was reckoned among the ancient sanctuaries of Pelesheth/Palestine ( 10:26 ; 15:34 ; 23:19 ; 26:1 ; 2 Shem. 21:6-10 ), and hence it is called "Gibah of Elohiym" ( 1 Shemuel 10:5 , RSV marg.). It has been identified with the modern Tell el-Ful (i.e., "hill of the bean"), about 3 miles north of Yahvshalam.

Topic: Rama/Ramah [N] [S]

( Mattith’Yah 2:18 ), the Greek form of Ramah.

A city first mentioned in Yahvshua 18:25 , near Gibah of Benyamin. It was fortified by Ba'sha, melek of Yisrael (1 Melekiym 15:17-22 ; 2 Dibrey Ha’Yamiym. 16:1-6 ). Asa, melek of Yahudah, employed Benhadad the Aramiy/Syrian king to drive Ba'ha from this city (1 Melekiym15:18 1 Melekiym 15:20 ). (Yeshayah 10:29 ) refers to it, and also Yirmiyah, who was once a prisoner there among the other captives of Yahvshalam when it was taken by Nebuchadnezzar (Yirmiyah 39:8-12 ; 40:1 ). Rachel, whose tomb lies close to Beythlechem, is represented as weeping in Ramah (Yirmiyah 31:15 ) for her slaughtered children. This naba/foretelling is illustrated and fulfilled in the re-awakening of Rachel's grief at the slaughter of the infants in Beythlechem (Mattith’Yah 2:18 ). It is identified with the modern village of er-Ram, between Gibon and Beeroth, about 5 miles due north of Yahvshalam. (See SHEMUEL .)


 A town identified with Ramah, on the border of Asher, about 13 miles south-east of Zor/Tyre, "on a solitary hill in the midst of a basin of green fields" (Yahvshua 19:29 ).


 One of the "fenced cities" of Naphtaliy (Yahvshua 19:36 ), on a mountain slope, about seven and a half miles west-south-west of Safed, and 15 miles west of the north end of the Sea of Galiylah/Galilee, the present large and well-built village of Rameh.


The same as Ramathayim-zophiym (q.v.), a town of Mount Ephrayim (1 Shemuel 1:1 1 Shemuel 1:19 ).

The same as Ramoth-gilad (q.v.): Melekiym 8:29 ; 2 Dibrey Ha’Yamiym 22:6 .


03/16/6998* [5777] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [06/10/17]

Yeshayah: 10:30: Lift up your voice, O daughter of Galliym: cause it to be heard to La-yish, O poor Anathoth.


From Easton’s Scriptural Dictionary (edited):

Topic: Galliym


Heaps: (1Shemuel 25:44Yeshayah 10:30) the native place of Paltiy/Phalti, to whom Miykal was given by Shaul. It was probably in Benyamin, to the north of Yahvshalam.

Topic: Laiysh

A lion:

(1.) A city of the Ziydoniy/Sidonians, in the extreme north of Pelesheth/Palestine (Shophetiym/Jdg 18:7Shophetiym18:14); called also Leshem (Yahshua 19:47) and Dan (Shophetiym 18:7Shophetiym 18:29Yirmiyah 8:16). It lay near the sources of the Yarden, about 4 miles from Paneas. The restless and warlike tribe of Dan (q.v.), looking out for larger possessions, invaded this country and took Laiysh with its territory. It is identified with the ruin Tell-el-Kady, “the mound of the judge,” to the north of the Waters of Merom (Yahshua 11:5).

(2.) A place mentioned in Yeshayah 10:30. It has been supposed to be the modern el-Isawiyeh, about a mile north-east of Yahvshalam.

(3.) The father of Paltiy (1 Shemuel 25:44).

Topic: Anathoth


The name of one of the cities of refuge, in the tribe of Benyamin (Yahshua 21:18). The Yahudiym, as a rule, did not change the names of the towns they found in Pelesheth/Palestine; hence this town might be regarded as deriving its name from the goddess Anat. It was the native place of Abiyezer, one of David's “thirty” (2 Shemuel 23:27), and of Yahu, another of his mighty men (1 Dibrey Ha’Yamiym 12:3). It is chiefly notable, however, as the birth-place and usual residence of Yirmiyah (Yirmiyah 1:1Yirmiyah 11:21-23Yirmiyah 29:27Yirmiyah 32:7-9). It suffered greatly from the army of Sancheriyb/Sennacherib, and only 128 men returned to it from the Exile (Nechemyah 7:27Ezra 2:23). It lay about 3 miles north of Yahvshalam. It has been identified with the small and poor village of Anata, containing about 100 inhabitants.


04/15/6998* [5777] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [07/08/17]


Yeshayah: 10:31: Madmenah is removed; the inhabitants of Gebiym gather themselves to flee.


From Easton’s Scriptural Dictionary (edited):

Topic: Madmenah

Ibid: a town in Benyamin, not far from Yahvshalam, towards the north (Yeshayah 10:31). The same Iybriy/Hebrew word occurs in Yeshayah 25:10, where it is rendered “dunghill.” This verse has, however, been interpreted as meaning “that Moab will be trodden down by YaHVeH as teben [broken straw] is trodden to fragments on the threshing-floors of Madmenah.”

Topic: Gebim

Cisterns, (rendered “pits,” Yirmiyah 14:3; “locusts,” Yeshayah 33:4), a small place north of Yahvshalam, whose inhabitants fled at the approach of the Ashshuriy/Assyrian army (Yeshayah 10:31). It is probably the modern el-Isawiyeh.

Yeshayah: 10:32:  As yet shall he remain at Nob that day: he shall shake his hand against the mount of the daughter of Ziyon, the hill of Yahvshalam.


From Easton’s Scriptural Dictionary (edited):

Topic: Nob

High place; a city of the koheniym, first mentioned in the history of David's wanderings (1 Shemuel 21:1). Here the tabernacle was then standing, and here Achiymelech the kohen resided. (See AHIMELECH.) From Yeshayah 10:28-32 it seems to have been near Yahvshalam. It has been identified by some with el-Isawiyeh, one mile and a half to the north-east of Yahvshalam. But according to Yeshayah 10:28-32 it was on the south of Geba, on the road to Yahvshalam, and within sight of the city. This identification does not meet these conditions, and hence others (as Dean Stanley) think that it was the northern summit of Mount Olivet, the place where David “worshipped Elohiym” when fleeing from Abiyshalom (2 Shemuel 15:32), or more probably (Conder) that it was the same as Mizpeh (q.v.), Shophetiym/Jdg 20:1; Yahshua 18:26; 1 Shemuel 7:16, at Nebi Samwil, about 5 miles north-west of Yahvshalam.

After being supplied with the sacred loaves of show bread, and girding on the sword of Golyath/Goliath, which was brought forth from behind the ephod, David fled from Nob and sought refuge at the court of Achiysh, the king of Gath, where he was cast into prison. (Compare T`hiyliym/Ps. 34 and T`hiyliym 56:1-13, titles.)

Yeshayah: 10:33:  Observe the Rabbi, YaHVeH of hosts, shall lop the bough with terror: and the high ones of stature shall be hewn down, and the haughty shall be humbled.

Yeshayah: 10:34:  And he shall cut down the thickets of the forest with iron, and Lebanon shall fall by a mighty one.




See page 18 of this commentary for description of Lebanon.


04/22/6998* [5777] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [07/15/17]


Yahvshua ha`Mashiyach is the root of David and the Branch (Revelation 5:5)


Yeshayah: 11:1:  And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Yishay/Iyshay/Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots:

Yeshayah: 11:2:  And the Ruach of YaHVeH shall rest on Him, the Ruach of wisdom and understanding, the Ruach of counsel and might, the Ruach of knowledge and of the fear of YaHVeH;

Yeshayah: 11:3:  And shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of YaHVeH: and He shall not judge after the sight of His eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of His ears:

Yeshayah: 11:4:  But with righteousness shall He judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the erets/earth: and He shall hit the earth with the rod of His mouth, and with the breath of His lips shall He slay the wicked.

Yeshayah: 11:5:  And righteousness shall be the girdle of His loins, and trustfulness the girdle of His reins.




Verse 4 and 5 reveal a sharp contrast in how our Rabbi will rule and reign compared to how it is done today in Washington D.C. and the world.


When Yahvshua ha`Mashiyach reign’s the wild nature of the animals will change


Yeshayah: 11:6:  The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.

Yeshayah: 11:7:  And the cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together: and the lion shall eat straw like the ox.

Yeshayah: 11:8:  And the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the cockatrice' den.


Yahvshua will bring true righteous, fair and balanced ruling and shalom to all the world


Yeshayah: 11:9:  They shall not hurt nor destroy in all MY kodesh mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of YaHVeH, as the waters cover the sea.

Yeshayah:  11:10:  And in that day there shall be a root of Yishay, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and His rest shall be kabod/ splendid.


The second Exodus will take place at this time, but not just from Egypt


Yeshayah: 11:11:  And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Rabbi shall set His hand again the second time to recover the remnant of His people, which shall be left, from Ashshur/Iraq/Assyria, and from Mitsrayim/Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Kush, and from Elam/Iran, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea.




Pathros is part of Egypt. Kush could be parts of Africa and might be specifically speaking of Ethiopia. Elam of course is called Iran today. Shinar was located in Babylon, which was to the south of Ashshur/Assyria. Hamath was located in Aram/Syria. When it mentions the Islands of the sea, I believe the British Isle is definitely one of the Islands it is speaking about; as well as all the Islands that have been colonized by the British and Americans.


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