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Make the Way Straight

On what day do you keep the weekly Sabbath?

Weekly 7th day Sabbath referred to by the Pagan Christians as "Friday" sundown to "Saturday" sundown.



Are you married, single or divorced?

I've been married for 33 years.

Male or Female?


What names do you proclaim of the FATHER and HIS Ben/Son?

YaHVeH is the EL of Yisrael and FATHER of Yahshua ha Mashiaych, He is my Rabbi.

Do you enter Yahvshua Ben YaHVeH's weekly and annual Sabbaths?


Do you begin the New Year according to the Abib of the barley from Yahvshalam or by reckoning of traditional Judaism?

By Abib of Barley from Yahvshalam.

Are you coming out of traditional Christianity or Judaism and searching for the truth according to YaHVeH's Word thorugh HIS Ben Yahvshua?


Are you new to the scriptures and have never been part of any type of organized religion?


Are you here for fellowship? - To meet singles? - To help proclaim the names? - Other?

To fellowship and help proclaim the names of YaHVeH and HIS Ben Yahshua

Do you keep the weekly 7th day which begins sundown of the 6th day (paganly referred to as "Friday") and ends at sundown of the 7th day (paganly referred to as "Saturday")?