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Phil Makethewaystraight
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12/17/6998* [5778] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [03/03/18]

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Yahvshua ha`Mashiyach,

Here is the link and latest report from others of like mind that I receive my Abib determination from:

March 1, 2018

Hi Folks,

We will be posting our first inspection report on Tuesday March 13 God/Elohim willing. Some have asked us to look hard for barley which will meet the minimum Lev 2:14 standard by March 18. We obviously will do this and in fact do so every year for those who use an Abib 1 date even though that date is not how we ourselves reckon the start of the new year. We also inspect domestic fields of barley and report on those as well for some use those species for their determinations. We will also be looking in the region of Jerusalem for mature enough barley as well for some only use that.

Please be mindful we only inspect barley that grows in good soils which could be plowed and sowed. We do not make any effort in the areas of goat grass.

We try to make every effort to provide others with specific information even though we ourselves don't use it. So if you have a specific request outside of these let us know and we will do our best to fulfill your request.

If it interests any of you, fig trees in several districts are growing fruit and leaves.

Brian and Linda

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Phil Makethewaystraight
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Update 12/21/6998* [5778] 4th day of the week [03/07/18]

See report below:

March 4, 2018

Here is an email we received from Jonathan yesterday. Keeping you all in the loop as to the bird migrations well underway in Israel. These folks are a valuable resources in our looking for the signs described in the scriptures which point to the turn of the year, winter to summer. This year so far has been an excellent year to learn about all of them.

Hi and thanks for your message

For the past week large numbers of White Storks are already moving over Israel.

Over 2000 were counted yesterday.

Besides these there are also good numbers of Cranes as well.

Hope this helps.

Jonathan Meyrav


Tourism Director

Israel Ornithological Center

SPNI (BirdLife partner in Israel)


SKYPE jonathan.meyrav

Facebook Jonathan Meyrav Birds and Birding

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Phil Makethewaystraight
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12/24/6998* [5778] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [03/10/18]

Most recent information on ABIB search:

"March 8, 2018

Hi Folks,

We will be conducting a Zoom Meeting online March 17 from Israel at 1 pm EST (US). We will be presenting a summation of the results of the inspection in a format where you will be able to ask questions pertaining to them. This will not be a format for airing any opinions or specific doctrine. We conduct our inspections in a manner to cover many different particular beliefs. So with that said, if anyone decides to function in a contentious manner; as the apostle Paul puts it, we will terminate their participation. This will be after the Sabbath in Israel, but many of the folks who will be participating will still be conducting the Sabbath observance. Brethren who look to this information are found in almost every nation on earth, even communist China, so please be respectful of the entire body even if they may appear different than you. Not everyone is composed of the more comely appearances. I (Brian) am a perfect example of that.

Keep safe and thank you for loving our Creators.

Topic: Results of the inspections and observations in Israel

Time: Mar 17, 2018 1:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: Note: this is a different link than our normal one

Or Telephone: (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):

US: +1 408 638 0968 or +1 646 876 9923 or +1 669 900 6833

Meeting ID: 816 657 603"

Here is another report from a brother Yahvshua:

"All indications are leaning towards Abib being on this upcoming Dark New Moon which will occur @ 05:41:22 on 03/17/2018 just before the Sun and Moon rise above the horizon in Jerusalem , if so the Passover day will be Pagan month March 30 ( observed evening before as always ) - Days of Unleavened Bread March 31 thru April 6 . These dates are projections based off of current observations and subject to change .


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Phil Makethewaystraight
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12/27/6998* [5778] 3rd day of the week [03/13/18]

I will wait for tomorrows report to make a determination for the Scriptural New Year, but looks like it will begin sundown of the 16th day of the 3rd Babylonian Month.

Here is report from website Abib of Elohiym:

"Tuesday March 13, 2018

Hi Folks,

Lots of problems with internet connections and equipment still flying around somewhere. Attached is todays report, click to open."

"Abib Report: Tuesday March 13, 2018

Hi Folks,

Difficult flight for me with luggage still flying around somewhere with clothes, camera, charging cords etc.

We got an early start this morning heading to the locations of our traditionally early fields in the Western Negev. We started seeing fields of domestic grain rapidly turning color on Route 3 as we approached Rt. 232. Many of you are aware that this area usually leads the pack for early maturing. Hopefully pictures will load and send out in our cobbled setup.

At this location we did find the red strain wild barley that was physiologically mature. If given a few days to dry in the sun as a cut sheaf it would easily meet the Leviticus 2:14 minimum requirements. We found several other locations reflecting the same maturity all the way down to the Be’eri/Re’im area.

All of these areas held wild, as well as domestic barley, which will be ready for a wavesheaf offering of the first of the firstfruits before the end of March on their own. Nothing we inspected in our stops in the Western Negev today was less than 6.9 on the Zadok Scale. There were a lot of samples in the 8.3 to 8.5 stages. In every instance the crew was able to witness the superior maturing qualities of the red strain of wild barley.

The wild barley in the Judean Hills is less mature as is to be expected with the elevations compared to the Western Negev.

We saw lambs mixed in with most flocks of sheep and goats.

We also had a beautiful display of the White Storks antics as they migrated north near Kiryat Gat of all places.

The traditionally early vineyards were well leafed out in most cases.

Fig trees are leafing out with fruit and leaves.

Tomorrow we will be heading north up the Jordon Valley to the Jezreel Valley and possibly the Coastal Plain are north of Tel Aviv.

Have no way to load pictures at this time so they will follow.

Brian, Sandra, Becca, Brenda, Tim, and Chance"

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Phil Makethewaystraight
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12/28/6998* [5778] 5th day of the week/sundown [03/14/18]

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Yahvshua ha'Mashiyach,

The Scriptural New Year will begin sundown of the 16th day of the Babylonian 3rd Month.

Happy New Year and YaHVeH make you prosperous in every way, protect you and  your families and motivate you with HIS Ruach ha'Kodesh in the name of Yahvshua the Ben of YaHVeH.



Here is Abib report:

"Abib Report:

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Hi Folks,

We hope things are well with you. Arrived back at the cottage today to be greeted by my luggage. Thanks for the prayers. I will be getting today’s report out and then work on my picture end. I think Becca has been able to get some out by going to a deli and using their internet connection.

As we had anticipated from the start of this present year, we expected a traditional 12-month year with barley being able to be harvested through the entire 7 weeks allotted to it. That has been the Pattern following an intercalated year since 2006.

Today we traveled through the Jordan and Jezreel Valleys as well as on top of the Golan and down through the Galilee to the coast.

All the wild barley growing in good soil is huge due to the recent water from Heaven in its season. It consisted of young heads just coming out of the boot

(Zadok #5) through the beginning of milk development (Zadok #7.1). We did stop to look at the goat grass in the area of the Jordan Valley that other folks work with and it too was young, even roadside.

The Domestic barley fields in several locations were actually being harvested for silage. This takes place as the head starts to enter early yellow color phase. Most of it is used for the dairy operations. The most advanced was just south of the sea of Galilee at Ashdot/Ya’akoy area.

There were numerous areas on the Coastal Plain in which domestic fields were entering 50% color change. Some were being cut for silage as well. The question has arisen why we are reporting on domestic barley? Simple answer is some use it in their determinations and we furnish them with the conditions we find when we are here inspecting. The second one is very important as well and I will mention it again. There are traditionally early fields scattered throughout Israel. Regardless of what type of grain is planted there it will mature faster than in other areas. Knowing this to be a pattern in creation we use the simple deduction to inspect the same areas for the wild/volunteer barley as well. Guess what? It too is always early as well.

There is no way I will be able to answer all the questions I have here since I have my computer once again charged and able to read emails, so I will sum up some of the main ones.

The Western Negev rules as the early king this year as we anticipated based on the weather conditions there since early January.

Yes, we did find wild red strain barley which could qualify to be Lev 2:14 material for a first of the first fruit wave sheaf offering before the end of the current month. In fact, I have a sample which is just sitting in my room drying without any assistance and on Friday I will see if I can split it with my finger nail. It is very hard at present but I am experimenting with it all the same. If I were to put it in the sun it would actually harden faster but that will not be needed in my thinking. Will keep you posted.

For those who need to have it aviv by wave sheaf day falling in the upcoming month you will have all kinds of it in the Western Negev ready on its own, Well before that.

I will try to send out pictures today after I post this so you have some of them. I do have my camera now and will be taking pictures tomorrow in the Route 232 corridor on our way back from a side trip to the South. It will be interesting to see the development in the past two days then.

Lots of White Storks doing their uplift thermal riding today. Fig trees are popping out all over every location we have visited. Old species grapes right in step as well. Brian, Sandra, Becca, Brenda, Tim, and Chanse"

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