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The purpose of this page is to post messages or news articles to pass on to members  that are related to the scriptures.

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Sticky: Daniy`Yah: 9:25: Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Yahvshalam...
2762 over a year ago
Sticky: Must be member to view Timeline at bottom left of page
0331 over a year ago
Revelation: 2:13: ... even where Satan's seat is...where Satan dwells.
20414476 2 hours ago
Revelation: 12:15... And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman...
13185 2 hours ago
V'yakra/Leviticus: 18:21: And you shall not let any of your seed pass through the fire to Molech...
252 2 hours ago
Yirmiyah/Jeremiah13:21:...You have taught them to be captains, and as chief over you...
18816918 3 days ago
Zecharyah: 6:2...and in the second chariot black horses...
985276 4 days ago
8012951 4 days ago
Mishley/Proverbs: 18:17: He that is first in his own cause seems just; but his neighbor comes and searches him.
013 6 days ago
1 Shemuel: 13:19...Now there was no craftsman/smith found throughout all the land of Yisrael: for the Philistines said, lest the Hebrew's make themselves swords or spears...
014 7 days ago
Hallelu'Yah For the Feast of Weeks/Pouring out of YaHVeH's Kodesh Ruach
04 7 days ago
Re:13:2: And the beast which I saw was like... the feet of a bear,...
644009 10 days ago
Revelation 17:16: And the ten horns that you saw, they and the beast will hate the whore; they will make her desolate and naked...
624568 2 weeks ago
V`yakra/Leviticus: 19:15... you shall not respect the person of the poor, nor respect the person of the mighty: but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbor.
12939 2 weeks ago
We are now in the 3rd Chodesh
04 2 weeks ago
Yechizki'Yah/Ezekiel: 7:26: Mischief shall come upon mischief, and rumor shall be upon rumor...
25353 2 weeks ago
Rev.17:3:...and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast...
573906 3 weeks ago
Tehiyliym: 94:20: Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with YOU, which frames mischief by a law?
312574 3 weeks ago
Zecharyah: 6:2: And in the third chariot white horses...
432907 3 weeks ago
Yirmiyah. 6:14:...saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.
462549 3 weeks ago