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Sundown of the 20th, 1st day of the 1st Chodesh begins!

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Monday March 20, 2023 7:16 PM - 11:59 PM
Sundown of the 20th, 1st day of the 1st Chodesh begins!

This determination was made on 12/20/7003* [5783] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [03/11/23]


My decision was made from reading the information available to me online and past experience of the people I use, who are very knowledgeable of the Land of Yisrael and the Abib of the barley grown in the Promised Land. You can visit site and make your own determination: ;

See the sixth paragraphy


Brian Convery

6 hours ago

Sabbath March 11, 2023

Happy Sabbath to All!

Lots of info to cover today. We never give up hope on brothers and sisters who have taken a wrong turn. A willing detour however is a different matter way above our pay grade in all of this.

Some are still not understanding the difference between goat grass and acceptable wild barley. It seems they are only being exposed to goat grass and being told that is the standard.

Take a look at the first 3 photos from this morning in Central Israel. You have seen this location numerous times this year in regard to the winter wheat. Please look closely and learn from the Land. This is what acceptable wild barley looks like. Yes, that is wild barley towering above her cousin the wheat. Zoom in and you will see it is in the flowering stage having recently emerged from the boot. When doing so look at the heads of wheat below it.

This is what we look for when inspecting in the Land. This is wild barley growing in cultivated agricultural soils. The sun is illuminating the awns, so no they are not golden color as in age but very green. We have explained how some have used this photo technique to deceive others in the past.

One of the very impressive characteristics of wild barley growing in acceptable soils is its proclivity to bow before Father as soon as it comes out of the boot in full emergence. That is what His Son did as well and what we are to expect from our own actions.

Yes, this wild barley is a true representative of a Holy Wave sheaf Offering standard. It is not anemic, broken down stalks of goat grass trampled over by sheep and goats defecating on it.

Next we have a series of photos from today of the Negev desert still flowering. Imagine that! Still winter colors and growth cycles in the deep South.

After this a photo of the NW Negev still looking very red. That is the case all over it.

And now for a quick morning White Stork count from around the country.

Kmehin: 1000

Beit Kama: 1000+

Modi'in Mak Abim-Re'ut: 2500

Sha'aivim: 600

And once again the list goes on and right on time before the upcoming Passover of Yehovah as they are designed to do.

On another note to you past inspectors. While I was turning and acidifying the soil around my transplanted blueberry plants from NY yesterday, a single thought kept bouncing around in my head. Invite all the past inspectors who have joined us in previous inspections.

So, if you are in that category and have a yearning to be there this year let me know and I can give you the details. You all have my contact information. No rookies this year, that category is filled up. Its short notice but an invite all the same.

Some may be asking why are you even going this year having come off an intercalated year? Its all about training some others who have been waiting to accompany us in an inspection. This is a perfect training year to do so.

Our peace we give to you!