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Sundown of the 30th, 7th day of the 7th Chodesh and weekly 7th day Sabbath begins!

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Friday September 30, 2022 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Shabbath shalom to all who have found the key that enables them to go in and out (the entering into YaHVeH's weekly 7th day Shabbat and HIS yearly Appointed Times through belief in HIS Ben) of the gate/door (Mat. 25:10) of Yahvshua Mashiyach’s sheep pen. Also if you are now calling on the Hebrew/Iybriy names of the AB and HIS Ben (Mishley/Prov.30:4; Yahn 17:11), and entered HIS weekly 7th day Shabbat (falls sundown of the day of the week that is paganly referred to as "Friday" and ends sundown on the day of the week that is paganly referred to as "Saturday") and the annual appointed times (V'yakra/Lev. 23; Yekizkiyah 20:20), you have now received the Mark of YaHVeH (Yekizkiyah 9:4, 6). This also means you have given up the pagan customs you have learned from Paganism and Christianity; and the errors in Judaism (reckons the appointed times determined by Hillel II and doesn't believe the Mashiyach has come)/Kabbala (teaches mysticism and magic); and Islam (is a mixture of paganism, moon god worship Zoroasterism and some elements of the torah and promotes Mohammad as the messiah and march around a black cube/represents Saturn counterclockwise in Mecca, Saudi Arabia), which has elements of the beast in them (Dan. 7:25; Rev. 14:11). I'm not saying that this Satanic NWO globalist possessed man when he reveals himself, isn't going to literally mark people with his name due to digital medical technology (Rev. 13:16), because as you can see from all the video's that have been posted on this site, it looks like medical tyranny is how people will literally receive the "Mark of the Beast".

Shabbat shalom in the name of Yahvshua Ben YaHVeH, the anointed Melek/King of the entire earth, who will be returning in the clouds very soon. He will hold the Satanic Anti-Mashiyach New World Order and all those secret societies, NGO's, institutions of men in so called higher education and science and healthcare science, military industrial complex, which never had or pretended to have a commitment to the Messiah Yahvshua. The Satanic NWO is just the continuation of where Hitler left off. If you have streaming TV I recommend you watch the documentary "The SS, a Barbaric State" on Freevee.


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