Make the Way Straight


This page is to help you plan for YaHVeH's up coming times and seasons.

You will notice that YaHVeH's appointed times will be posted on the day before on the Babylonian Calendar. This is due to how Babylon counts time. Babylon has two night periods with a day light period in the middle. Satan is trying to squeeze out the light with these two dark periods.

YaHVeH's time begins at sundown. HE has a dark period and light period, just that simple. So, because I'm using the calendar app that this web site provides, which is the Babylonian format, I have to show on it when YaHVeH's time period begins, and it begins while Babylon time still hasn't ended. Babylon starts its new day at 12am, YaHVeH begins HIS time at sundown, which will fall while Babylon time has not ended.

Another reason I use this calendar is because there are new people YaHVeH is calling and coming into the knowledge of the Truth/Yahvshua and I believe this is less confusing for them.

I trust this explanation helps some, who wonder why I use this calendar format.

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2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Sundown of the 4th, 22nd day of the 3rd Chodesh begins.