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Posted on February 20, 2022 at 4:10 PM

12/20/7002* [5782] 1st day of the week [02/20/22]

Just remember with the current crisis at the border of Ukraine and Russia, this is part of what has been foretold in Scriptures. The EU/UN will eventually invade the Promised Land and surround Yahvshalam, then China, Iran most likely, Russia and maybe some other Far East allies will cross the Euphrates River and push the NWO EU/UN out. Not because they are the good guys, but because they want to dominate their nations economic trade over the world. It will be not too long after this invasion that our Rabbi Yahvshua the Mashiyach will return in the clouds. Remember during this time the Two Witnesses will be proclaiming the Glad News of Yahvshua as witness against the evil that has been taking place on the earth. Their witness will last 1,260 days. See Dan. 11:44; Zech. 14; Rev. 11; 14; 19; Mat. 24; Mark 13 & Luke 21; there are more Scriptures you can go to, to understand the sequence of events that will take place before our Savior returns in the clouds and lands on the Mount of Olives.

Also the Satanic NWO USA Deep State has diverted the population’s attention from the Plandemic Lockdowns/mandates and the crisis at the USA’s southern border. This is what they do, and if you are not aware of the tools (false flags, controlling the MSM) of the Satanic Deep State you will be easily deceived.

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