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Time Line From Creation of Adam to Our Time

12/12/6989* [5769] 3rd day of the week [03/10/09]

Updated 08/12/6990* [5770] 1st day of the week [11/01/09)]

Updated 09/01/6992* [5772] 1st day of the week [11/27/11]

Updated 06/05/6993* [5772] 6th day of the week [08/24/12]

Updated 07/13/6993* [5773] 1st day of the week [09/30/12]

Updated 08/03/6993* [5773] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [10/20/12]

Updated 04/19/6994* [5773] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [06/29/13]

Updated 06/29/6994* [5773] 6th day of the week [09/06/13]

Updated 09/27/6995* [5775] 1st day of the week [12/21/14]

Updated 02/29/6996* [5775] 7th day of the week/Shabbat [05/16/15]

Updated 01/21/70004* [5783] last day of Yahvshua the Unleavened Bread [04/10/23]

*Time has been set back one year to adjust for House of Yudah's membership into the UN in 1949 CE. Originally I had the time set at 1948 CE when they became a nation, but I see now that they did not put themselves under the Babylonian king’s thumb until 1949 CE. In Yirmiyah 25:12 and Daniy'Yah 9:2, YaHVeH has established a 70 year time line for the king of Babylon to be destroyed.

1 Corinthians: 13:12:  For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

I want those who read the articles on this website to be aware of the time line (date stamp) references when they are posted. When and if you read these articles you will see the time stamp when the article began to be written; we are now in the year 7004* FCA (At the time of this update). I have determined this by believing that Yahvshua the Mashiyach will return and begin His rule and reign in the 7000th year. Traditional “Judaism” has put the time line at 5783 (At the time of this update) and they will change it in the 7th Chodesh/month/fall, which is contrary to what YaHVeH has said to do. I will change this time stamp at the beginning of YaHVeH’s year, which is Abib/spring, as HE stated we are to begin the year (Shemoth/Exodus 12).

You will notice in some of the articles posted the “FCA” (From Creation of Adam) time stamp along with traditional history time stamp "BCE" (Before Common Era) or “CE” (Common Era). What I have noticed since I have been calculating this time line, is, that there is about 650 to 700 years of time missing. No doubt this is due to What "Pope Gregory XIII" did in 1582 CE/AD/6563 FCA:

From The Catholic Encyclopedia 4th printing, copyright by Robert C. Broderick 1976, page 248 subtitles Gregorian calendar:

The calendar initiated and named after Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 became the official time keeping record of twelve months and 365 (366 every fourth year) days. It was adopted by countries throughout the world and is still in use. (See Calendar, Church.)

What I have done is extrapolate the time line using the scriptures, the book of Yashar, Yosephus, and other historical sources to build on. What I have discovered is that Yosephus’ time line actually brings the 7000th year time line theory closes to that time; so, when I finish reading and studying his history, I will be using the time stamps that he has recorded for the birth and deaths of the patriarchs/abbiym/fathers and matriarchs/emmiym/mothers in B`reshiyth/Genesis for first two thousand years or so.

If you don't have Excel on your computer you will need Excel reader to view time line, click on link below to download program. On my computer I use Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003, which has Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point:

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