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From the setting up of the sacrifices to the Great Tribulation to the Wrath of the Lamb:



Updated 01/01/6989 4th day of the week (03/21/07)

Updated 11/13/6993 [5772] 3rd day of the week [02/06/12] 

1st seal white horse/rider with bow Revelation 6:1-2 =1st Trumpet Revelation 8:7; Matthew 24:5. The 3rd temple, temple services will begin at this time (Jer. 7:4; Rev. 11:1).

The sacrifices will begin during this time if not before Daniel 9:25.

2nd seal Red horse of war Revelation 6:3-4 = 2nd Trumpet;Revelation 8:8-9;  Matthew 24:6-7.

3rd seal Black horse Revelation 6:5-6 = 3rd Trumpet Revelation 8:10-11; Matthew 24:7.

4th seal Pale horse Revelation 6:7-8 = 4th Trumpet Revelation 8:12-13; Matthew 24:7-8. Don't confuse these verses with the 6th seal and Trumpet. I believe the Abomination of Desolation will be set up at this time:Daniel 8:11-13, 9:27,11:31,12:11; Matthew 24:15.

Daniel 12:11:And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that makes desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. (I believe this verse is counting from when the abomination is set up, which that condition will last 30 days plus the 1,260 days of the Great Tribulation = 1290 days.) When the 30 days end of the abomination being set up the Great Tribulation will begin. see article: 83)

5th seal Great Tribulation begins Revelation 6:9-11/Persucution of the " very elect" (YaHVeH's Congregation/Body of Yahshua) Revelation 12: 7-9; Matthew 24:15/ Two Witnesses begin their preaching they will be preaching the entire time of the 1260 days Revelation 11:1-6; Jeremiah 7 = 5th Trumpet & 1st Woe Revelation 9:1-12; Rev. 14:17/The House of Yisrael (UK [Ephraim]& USA [Manasseh] Shepherd Tribe = Yoseph [Genesis 48,49:1,22-26]) & House of Yahudah (Yahshua Messiah's "inheritance" Isaiah/YashaYah 47:6) will be at war with Beast power (Europe). The House of Yisrael (390 days) will be defeated first and then the House of Yahudah (40 days) Ezekiel 4, Jeremiah 6.

6th seal shamayim signs come after the 1,260 days Revelation 6:13-17; Matthew 24:27 = 6th Trumpet & 2nd Woe Revelation 9:13-20;Rev. 14:18-20: Daniel 11:44/Two Witnesses continue their preaching and doing miracles Revelation 11:1-6/Euphrates River 4 malakim are unbound/200,000,000 man army let loose. Don't confuse this event with Revelation 16:12; Jeremiah 51 notice verse 63.

Two Witnesses are murdered/Shamayim signs appear/witnesses lay dead in the street for 3.5 days:Revelation 11:8-10/Matthew 24:29-31;Revelation 7 - 144K/Great Multitude are sealed

7th seal opens the previous six seals and their trumpets ending in the 7th Trumpet being blown = 7th Trumpet begins the Wrath of the Lamb, Revelation 10:6-11, 11:11-19; Rev.15:1-8; I Thessalonians. 4:15-16;I Corinthians. 15:52. When the two witnesses are raised from the dead is when all who have died in Yahshua Mashiyach will be raised. 7th Trumpet causes all seven vials to be poured out in their order:

1st vial Revelation 16:1-2.

2nd vial Revelation 16:3.

3rd vial Revelation 16:3-7.

4th vial Revelation 16:8-9.

5th vial Revelation 16:10-11.

6th vial Revelation 16:12-16.

7th vial Revelation 16:17-21.

I think this needs to be considered when you are reading and studying the seven seals and trumpets. I think most believers in the Mashiyach understand that Matthew Chapter 24 is the description of the seven seals and trumpets. There is no doubt in my mind that this is what Yahshua Mashiyach was describing for us, but He does not break it into seals and trumpets until Revelations. Revelation becomes the detailed description of Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21.

What has confused me and I believe others is the seventh seal in Revelation 8. If you follow the order that is setup in Revelation starting from chapter 6 you have the first six seals. Then in chapter 7 the 144k and great multitude, then in chapter 8 we come to the 7th seal with all seven trumpets. The only way I can explain it and the only way it makes sense to me is, when the 7th seal is opened it opens all the other seals starting from the first. Each time a seal is opened it causes a malak to sound a trumpet. In my mind right now this is the only way I can understand it. I believe the way this scroll is rolled up is the 7th seal has to be opened first so the rest of the scroll can unroll. For example take seven sheets of paper number the top sheet 1 and the other sheets in numerical order with the 7th sheet of paper on the bottom. Now roll up all seven sheets with the 1st sheet on top and the 7th on the bottom. Roll it up the same way you would roll a poster up. If you do this you will find that the 7th sheet will be on the outside covering the other six sheets of paper. In order to read the other six sheets you have to break the seal on the 7th sheet of paper.

I say the order of the seals and trumpet must fall like this because I believe that the 5th seal sounds the 5th trumpet that begins the “Great Tribulation” (Matthew 24:15; Rev. 9:1-12). If the 5th seal causes the 5th trumpet to be blown then the other seals and trumpets would have to follow in the same order. I think what has caused much confusion about this is some of the events that happen that seem to be repeated in a later chapter. For example the 4th seal that sounds the 4th trumpet (Rev. 6:7-8, 8:12-13). The 4th trumpet causes 1/3 of the sun, moon and stars to be blocked out from view. This is not the shamayim sign’s of the 6th seal and trumpet. These are two different events. The events of the 4th trumpet that causes 1/3 of sun, moon and stars to be blocked out is more than likely caused by war, it could possibly be what a nuclear explosion would cause.

Another example of confusing events is in Revelation 9:14. If you will notice in this verse there are four malakiym that are bound at the Euphrates River (restrained). The fallen malakiym are the only malakiym I know of that are bound, so these four malakiym must be demons. Revelation 9:14 is a different event then Revelation 16:12 the 6th vial (poured out on the Euphrates River to dry it up) of the 7th trumpet. There is only one malak in this verse and this malak is not bound. This malak is Yahveh’s malak.

The 1st thru 4th seals and trumpets (the beginning of sorrows) have not been open or blown yet. The 1st seal and trumpet will be opened and blown when the House of Yudah/modern day "Jewish" State and "Traditional Christianity" (House of Yisrael is drunk with her doctrine Rev. 17:5) build a 3rd temple and set up a high priest (which is insult on Yahshua office as our eternal High Priest) and the sacrifices begin.


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