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What will happen to NATO?
Updated 01/22/6988 [5766] 6 day (04/21/06)
Updated 06/20/6989  [5767] 2nd day of the week (09/03/07)
Updated 07/01/6995 [5774] 1st day of the week/Zikron Teruah [09/08/13]
This quote was taken from a BBC news article entitled "NATO: No Macedonian mission creep"  that I read September 7th 2001:
"The EU envoy to Macedonia, Francois Leotard, has aired a proposal for 1,500 European troops to take over after NATO's withdrawal to ensure the security of international observers in the country.

Observers say this could be an important test-run for the EU's nascent rapid reaction force - due to be in place by 2003 - which aims to give the EU a security capacity independent of NATO.

NATO is keen to avoid another prolonged deployment in the Balkans alongside its commitments in Kosovo and Bosnia."


There are Yisraelite nations and Gentile nations in NATO.

What I believe will happen to NATO, sense the European Union (EU) is currently building its own army; any members in the EU that are members of NATO will see no need to continue in the organization due to the EU having its own military to patrol its territory.

This action will cause a riff and concern with the other member nations especially the USA/Menashsheh and UK/Ephrayim for example. Below is a list of current members:




Czech Rep.




















Turkey (The ruler of the beast power/"son of perdition" in the days before Yahshua's return will come from this nation)

United Kingdom ( I believe is the tribe of Ephrayim shepherd tribe of Yisrael)

United States (I believe is the tribe of Menashsheh shepherd tribe of Yisrael)

What I'm saying is that the conflict in Yahvshalam over the heykal/temple mount is going to cause NATO, the United Nations, the EU, and other countries such as Russia, China and other eastern nations, to be drawn to the Middle East. Sense YaHVeH is going to turn His back on the House of Yisrael (USA and UK are the shepherd tribes) and eventually the House of Yahudah (the modern "Jewish State") because of their great sins, these other nations will not want to be allied with the USA and will turn on us. Those nations that are part of NATO that are of the scattered tribes of Yisrael, will continued to stay allied with the shepherd tribes of Yisrael.

Ancient Assyria and Babylon were located in the country we call today Iraq, which was the tool that YaHVeH used to punish the House of Yisrael and House of Yahudah in ancient times, they will be used again to punish modern day  House of Yisrael (UK and USA shepherd tribes) and House of Yahudah. Accept this time Iraq will be one of the "ten horns" mounted on the Beast (EU) of Revelation chapter 13. I believe history repeats itself. I also believe that the foretelling of scripture repeats itself. There is the fulfillment at the time of the nabiym and the final fulfillment at the end time.

Read articles:




If you don't believe or understand that scriptural foretelling repeats itself (duality), than you will not know what is going to take place, in almost detail, before the return of Yahshua Mashiyach to this earth. 



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